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Haier Haier Washing Machine
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Laundry - Product Features

Anti Bacterial Treatment

Haier gaskets are specially made with Haier Anti-bacterial treatment to prevent bacteria from forming, making the washing environment more hygienic and clean. Certain models have dispensers equipped with the same technology.


The design of the high quality drum creates waves of water to take better care of your textiles, avoiding any damages while giving the maximum washing performance.

Aqua Stop

This device, which is connected directly to the water tap, offers extra protection to guarantee against water leaks, by stopping the flow of water into the machine, protecting your home.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Higher energy ratings means higher energy savings for you and your family.

Haier Milestone & Award

  • 2012Haier ranked No.1 Home Laundry brand in the world by Euromonitor International.
  • 2012For the 4th year in a row Euromonitor International has ranked Haier as the world's No.1 Major Appliances brand.
  • 2011Euromonitor International has ranked Haier as the No.1 brand of Major Appliances in the world for the 3rd year running.
  • 2010In 2010, Euromonitor International has again ranked Haier as the No.1 brand of Major Appliances in the world.

Why choose Haier?

Haier is committed to constantly innovating and improving its products to make consumers’ lives simpler and easier, increasingly bringing corporate knowledge and efforts to bear in the joint effort to create a perfect world.

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Service & Support

Haier's service and support team is ready to help you with any questions about your Haier products.

Haier Service & Support

Haier Honor & Award

  •  International 3A Certificate
  •  VDE: VOORKEUR strategische partner van DUITSLAND VDE IN CHINA
  •  iF Design Award
  •  Haier nummer 1-merk van Binnenlandse Wasserij Appliances in de wereld
  •  Haier nummer 1 merk Major Appliance in de wereld