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    Wall mounted air conditioner


    • Wi-Fi Control
      Wi-Fi Control
    • Turbo Cool
      Turbo Cool
    • Long distance air supply
      Long distance air supply
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      WI-FI Control
      Imagine when you are hurring back to your home in hot summer,or lying on the sofa at home but can not find remote controller.What you want is easily accessible control to your air conditioner from anywhere and anytime with APP on your phone.
      Turbo Cool
      Enables motor to run at higher frequency while "Turbo"model is turned on,allowing you to enjoy cool air at every corner of the room within the shortest time.
      Long distance Airflow
      The indoor unit get improved with better motor,optimized fan and air duct.It enables the air conditioner blows air as long as 25m+(30k,36k)
      3D Airflow
      Delivers comfortable airflow to every corner of room with the constant horizontal and vertical movements of airflow blades.

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"T1(Bth/h)":"22800"},{"T3(Bth/h)":"20000"}],"name":"Capacity(Bth/h)"},{"Field":[{"T1(W)":"1930"},{"T3(W)":"2350"}],"name":"Power Input(W)"},{"Field":[{"T1 (Btu/w)":"11.8"},{"T3 (Btu/w)":"8.5"}],"name":"Energy Efficiency EER (Btu/w)"},{"Field":[{"T1(A)":"8.8"},{"T3(A)":"10.5"}],"name":"Rated current (A)"},{"Field":[{"Tonnage":"2.0 Ton"},{"Climate type":"T3"},{"Power supply(Ph,V,Hz)":"1/220-230/50"},{"Air circulation(m3/h)":"1300"},{"Refrigerant":"R401a"}],"name":"Other Peremeters"},{"Field":[{"Liquid Side Diameter(mm)":"9.52"},{"Gas Side Diameter(mm)":"15.88"}],"name":"Refrigerant Pipe"},{"Field":[{"Net dimension(mm) W/D/H":"1115*248*336"},{"Package dimension(mm) W/D/H":"1206*342*418"},{"Noise[dB(A)](H/M/L)":"48/45/42"}],"name":"Indoor Unit"},{"Field":[{"Net dimension(mm) W/D/H1":"920/385/762"},{"Package dimension(mm) W/D/H1":"1085/487/843"},{"Noise[dB(A)]":"58"}],"name":"Outdoor Unit"}]}

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      Update Date 2019-07-04
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      File Name Installation Manual for LEK series
      Update Date 2019-07-04
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