Question: usage precaution (installation standard)

  • You must do not fix gas water heater in these site: Bathroom, bedroom, basement, garage, under of ladder, escape way, site where have easy fire, closed to wires and appliance, and outside of house.
  • You may fix gas water heater at the kitchen room, roof terrace, and keep air circulate.
  • Flame window which distance from end between 1.5 and 1.8m,
  • For this kinds of gas water heater, You must fix exhaust pipe, it material must be heat-resistance, corrosion resistance, difficulty fire, it’s better to select stainless steel which thickness more than 0.3mm.
  • You selected exhaust pipe, whose diameter must be same with gas water heater exhaust, and 30cm height above bent.
  • The exhaust pipe must do not across bathroom, toilet room, living room, bedroom, and use aluminum tape for sealing.
  • The length of exhaust pipe should be less than 3 m, and bent less than 2 pc, which direction should downward 3°-5°。
  • Do not insert exhaust pipe into public flue, otherwise it may leakage to others house for dangerous.
  • Before installation, You must check if house gas type is same with water heater gas type. And how is water supply if good pressure and clean water.
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