Biological Safety Cabinet

Biological Safety Cabinet

HR1500-IIA2|Product Fiche

Patent Intelligent Constant Air Velocity
The professional hot-bulb air velocity transducer performs real-time monitoring on the air velocity of the working area,compares it with the standard air veloctiy,and keeps the safety cabinet under constant air velocity through adjustment of the fan speed by microcomputer system
LNS Green Energy-saving Mode
When the human body detecting module detects under the intelligent mode that the person is outside the operating area for 15 minutes,the microcomputer program will automatically switch the cabinet to LNS green energy conservation mode,so as to realize noise reduction and energy conservation and to improve the service life of the filter
Professional Air-flow Distribution Module
Through professional air flow distribution design,the air flow of the worktable is more uniform,with the noise<62dBA
Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter System
American AAF(ULPA) filter are tested to a typical efficiency of >99.999% for 0.12 micron particles.ULPA filter provides vertical laminar flow to the worktable,so as to protect samples from pollution.
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