-86°C ULT Freezer

-86°C ULT Freezer

DW-86L829BP|Product Fiche

Frequency Conversion Technology
Unlike standard, single speed compressors that cycle on and off,our frequency conversion compressor runs at variable
speeds to adjust cooling performance to
the conditions inside and outside of the
freezer. It allows the freezer to adjust to
factors such as start-up and door openings
when a higher compressor speed is needed.
When conditions are normal or stable,
the drive runs at a lower speed while still
protecting the samples.
Energy Saving Technology
The hydrocarbon refrigeration technology
saves energy by 50%,significantly reducing the running costs of the freezer. Hydrocarbon refrigerant contains no fluorine or chlorine and has a global warming potential (GWP) value of just 3, meaning this refrigerant is a more environmentally friendly option compared to
HFC refrigerants.
Minimal Noise Output
Adaptive control technology controls fans
and compressors to reduce noise levels to an exceptional 43.5dB.
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