Spark Free Refrigerator/Freezer

Spark Free Refrigerator/Freezer

HLR-118SF/FL|Product Fiche

All around explosion proof with ATEX II C-T6 E.U.
Explosion Proof Certification
Use antistatic liner, gasket and explosion proof fan motor. Equip with overcurrent and
overvoltage protection system to provide explosion proof. China’ s first ATEX II C-T6
Explosion Proof certified laboratory refrigerator ensures profession and acknowledgement.
Wide Temperature Range with Precise Control
3-16°C wide range temperature adjustment. Intelligent temperature control system
keeps internal temperature variation within 3°C for great temperature uniformity.
One Key Search for Convenient Checking
Historical temperature data can be saved and checked by pressing only one key for
convenient laboratory inspection.
HC Cooling Saves Half Energy
The hydro carbon cooling system has twice the cooling efficiency and saves half the energy.
Glass Shelves
Tempered glass shelves can storeover 40kg of various sized reagent bottle.
Low Noise
Ultra quiet fan motor with noise cancelling technology makes the entire refrigerator’s noise lower than 40 decibels for a quiet and comfortable lab environment.
Dual Lock Design with Multiple Alarm System
The door comes with a mortise lock. A padlock can also be installed. The system has high and low temperature, open door, and sensor error alerting functions for better safety.
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