Home Air Conditioners HSU18K-PYG4B(INV)
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  • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-01
  • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-02
  • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-03
    • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-01
    • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-02
    • 9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-03
    9-Kinouchi Cool-PYG-1200x1200-01

    1.5 Ton 4 Star Split AC- Kinouchi Cool


    • Frost Self Clean- A Complete Indoor Wet wash
      Frost Self Clean- A Complete Indoor Wet wash
    • Triple Inverter+ - Upto 65% Energy Saving
      Triple Inverter+ - Upto 65% Energy Saving
    • 5 In 1 Easy Convertible
      5 In 1 Easy Convertible
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      1.5 Ton
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      Frost Self Clean
      In the frost self clean feature, a frost is formed on the AC’s evaporator which traps all the dust present on the coil and after some time when the frost melts, it washes out all the dirt. Through this, you get an actual indoor wet wash and breathe clean & healthy air.
      Triple Inverter+
      Compared with conventional inverter technology, Haier Triple Inverter Plus integrates TLFM inverter control, PID inverter control and A-PAM inverter control to achieve smart control of the air conditioner and in the meanwhile, maximize comfort, reliability and highly efficient performance & giving up to 65% energy saving.
      Triple Inverter+
      5 In 1 Easy Convertible
      The 5 In 1 Easy Convertible option lets you convert your AC into 5 different modes based on your needs and convenience. The air conditioner can easily be converted to any tonnage based on ones' requirement thus giving you more energy savings.
      Long Air Throw
      Haier's indoor unit has the Best in class motor, optimized fan and air duct which enables the air conditioner to blow air as long as 20m which Helps in cooling the room faster and helps in reaching extreme corners of the room.
      60°C Cooling At Extreme Temperature
      Haier’s air conditioner keeps you cool even at 60℃ high temperature with optimized high performance compressor and cooling system.

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