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    4.0 TR Inverter - Cooling Only Tower AC

    AP48KC1QRA / 1U48NC1QRB

    • 15 m Long 3D Air Flow
      15 m Long 3D Air Flow
    • Self Clean Technology
      Self Clean Technology
    • 3-Ph Sequence Correction Technology
      3-Ph Sequence Correction Technology
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    • Capacity
      4.0 TR
    • Power Supply
    • Working Temperature
    • Refrigerant
      Haier Tower ACs are with Superior Design and Blue LCD Display. It is equipped with Child Lock Function, Sleep & Dry Mode.
      Tower Image with Background
      3D Airflow
      Haier Tower ACs are with Wide Angle 3D Airflow. The Air Flow can be upto 15 m Long, Horizontal 126⁰ and Vertical 126⁰.
      Tower Wide Angle Long Distance 3D Airflow
      3-Ph Sequence Correction Technology
      The Air-conditioner works all the time, even if Phase Sequences Changes.
      Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector
      Self Clean Technology
      Self Clean Technology Clean Dust and Kill Bacteria in Heat Exchanger. This ensures better Indoor AIr Quality (IAQ). Clean and Healthy Air all around (Haier Special).
      Self Clean Technology
      Wi-Fi Control
      Haier Tower ACs can connect to Wi-Fi to operate the AC even from a distance. It can be remotely operated to make the space cool to the optimum comfort level.
      Tower Wi-Fi Control
      Universal Model
      Universal Indoor and Outdoor Models can match for more then one combination. This enables Less Model Stock, Less Investment, Less Warehouse Space requirement.
      Universal Model Tower
      Outdoor Features
       DC Inverter Compressor: Better Part Load Efficiency.
       550 mm Larger Diameter Fan: Increased Efficiency,
         Lower Noise Level of 48 dB(A).
       Better Fin Design: 18.8 mm Depth Corrugation Fin
         resulting in Less Dust Accumulation and better Heat
       Hyper PCB with Protection Coating, Insect Proof, Water
         Proof, suitable for Hot & Humid Environment.
       Upto 60⁰C Operation.
       Health Check and Maintenance possible through
         Computer/ Software connected to PCB Port.
      1 Fan Outdoor Unit

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Capacity":"4.0 TR / 47792 BTU / 14.0 KW"},{"ISEER":"3.5"},{"Type":"Light Commercial"},{"Price":"149904"}],"name":"Specification"},{"Field":[{"Air Flow (H/M/L) - CFM":"1206/1059/1000/882"},{"Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L/SL) - dB(A)":"53/48/45/42"},{"IDU Dimension (W/D/H) - mm":"600/350/1850"},{"IDU Net Weight - Kg":"59"}],"name":"Indoor Unit Specification"},{"Field":[{"Power Supply":"3Ph/380-415V/50Hz"},{"Air Flow - CFM":"3235"},{"Sound Pressure Level - dB(A)":"61"},{"ODU Dimension (W/D/H) - mm":"965/370/950"},{"ODU Net Weight - Kg":"78"},{"Refrigerant Type":"R-410a"},{"Liquid Pipe Size - mm":"9.52"},{"Gas Pipe Size - mm":"19.05"},{"Total Pipe Length - m":"50"},{"Max. Pipe Length - Horizontal - m":"30"},{"Max. Pipe Length - Vertical - m":"20"},{"Operation Temp. - ℃":"18 ~ 60"}],"name":"Outdoor Unit Specification"}]}

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