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  • HIH-T60&90HM-V
  • HIH-T60HM-V
  • HIH-T60&90HM-V(2)
  • HIH-T60&90HM-V(1)
    • HIH-T60&90HM-V
    • HIH-T60HM-V
    • HIH-T60&90HM-V(2)
    • HIH-T60&90HM-V(1)

    T-Shaped - Hood


    • Heat Auto Clean
      Heat Auto Clean
    • Gesture Control
      Gesture Control
    • Touch Control
      Touch Control
    : ₹
    : ₹
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    • Warranty
      2 Yrs. Comp*. & 6 years logo 
    • Aluminium Exhaust Ventilation Pipe
      3 Mtr
    • Noise Level
      58 db
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      Heat Autoclean
      The oil/grease melts through the high temperature and flows to the oil collector.
      Heat auto clean
      Oil Catch Technology Separate Grease
      The innovative “W” shaped double filter, with the right and left angle being 60°, the front and back angle being 30.8°, ensures the oil drops flow into the oil cup freely. It increases the air intake area and filtration area by 110%, making a double larger air inlet area while a shorter air inlet distance.
      Oil Catch Technology Separate Grease03
      Motion Censor Touch Control
      The infrared motion sensor recognizes and interprets hand movements. It avoids poor touch by greasy hands.
      It comes with 1350m³/h suction power and a 60cm tempered glass panel, easily venting the unwanted smoke of the kitchen. It's suitable for big families with large kitchen.
      Deep Pyramid Cavity Filter
      The deep pyramid cavity structure design will expand the smoke area and generate strong suction.
      HIH-T60HM-V   Deep Pyramid Cavity Filter

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Segment":"T-Shaped-Hood"},{"Capacity":"60 Cm"},{"Burner":""},{"Price":"30,000 - 38,000"},{"Filter Type":"Filter Less Concept"},{"Airflow":"1350 CMH(m³/h)"},{"Air Pressure":"Maximum Air Pressure 380 Pa (Pascal)"},{"Motor Power (W)":"280 W"},{"Noise Level":"58 db"},{"Lamp":"1 x 1.5 W LED Lamp"},{"Compatibility":"3 & 4 Burner Hob/Tablet (65 & 60 cm)"},{"Warranty":"2 Yrs. Comprehensive* & additional 4 Yrs. on Motor & Rotor"},{"Aluminium Exhaust Ventilation Pipe":"Complimentary 1.5 Mtr. X 2 Aluminium Foil (Exhaust Ventilation Pipe)"}],"name":"Features And Specifications"}]}

      User Guides

      File Name 05 user manual HIH-T60HM-V .pdf
      Update Date 2021-08-23
      File Size 1.21MB
      Disclaimer: Design, features and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice.

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