Question: How can I control temperature of side by side refrigerator?


You can control the temperatures about the fridge and the freezer, you can control the temperature by 2 ways:

1.Control the refrigerator in Fuzzy function, the refrigerator can control the temperature automatically, if you have no special request, you can use this function. This function can meet the daily food
2.You can control the temperature manually, you can control the fridge or the freezer temperature separately. Normally, you can set the fridge at 5℃ and the freezer at -18℃, the temperatures can meet the daily food.

      If you have special request, you can set the refrigerator on quick cool function, quick freeze function and so on.

Next is the moel HRF-618*

press the lock button, you can uclock the panel , then press the refrigerator or freezer button, you can control the temperature of the fridge room and the freezer room, when unlock the panel, press the samrt button, the refrigerator will in fuzzy funciton.


Every model has the different way to control the temperature, you can refer to the user manual.














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