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    Front Load Automatic


    • Inverter Motor
      Inverter Motor
    • Anti Bacterial Technology
      Anti Bacterial Technology
    • 12 Years Warranty for Motor
      12 Years Warranty for Motor
    : ₹
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    • Colour
    • Washing / Dryer Capacity
      7 Kg
    • Net Width x Depth x Height(mm)
    • Motor
      Inverter Motor
      Inverter Motor
      Advanced high-tech brushless inverter motor reduce the vibrations and ensure greater stability, proving more reliable than the conventional motor which gives consumer to experience the ultimate washing with extensive care of garments.
      BLDC Motor.jpg
      Laser Seamless Welding Drum
      Experience the superior longevity with an advanced laser seamless welding drum that facilitates the machine to ensure superior health of fabrics and proper performance.
      Leaser Seamless Drum
      Muscular Drum
      Enhancing the laundry experience by ensuring better scrubbing and care with inherent 128 muscles and drain holes on the drum
      ABT Lifestyle
      A++ Energy Consumption
      Certified front load automatic parallels to energy efficiency, holding onto the best performance and experience. Also minimise the consumption of water, energy and money by 30%.
      Anti Bacterial Technology
      Anti-bacterial technology driven gasket and detergent drawer provides hygienically clean and safe wash by eliminating 99.8% of allergen microbes. Haier, health and hygienic !
      WM Energy Saving
      Near Zero Pressure
      The advanced Near Zero Pressure technology smartly senses the load ensuring reliable performance and effective cleaning even at extremely low water pressure of 0.001 - 0.002 MPA.

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      {"GROUP":[{"name":"Basic Info","Field":[{"Key Features":"Invertor motor; 525mm huge door; T-grey noble color; Huge touch screen; 10 years warranty; Huge Magic door with Chroming; Muscular drum; ABT;"},{"Washing Capacity":"7"},{"Drying Capacity":"0"},{"Color":"T grey"},{"Door type":"525 door"},{"Door layer":"Two layers"},{"ABT Gasket":"Yes"},{"ABT Dispenser":"Yes"},{"Drum type":"Muscular drum"},{"Drum technology":"Laser Seamless Welding Drum "},{"Motor":"Invertor Motor"},{"Spin Speeds (rpm)":"1200"},{"Display":"Huge Touch screen"},{"Program nos":"16"},{"Programs":"Mix, Express 15 min, Wool, Shirts, Duvet, Disinfectant, Intense, Self Clean, Delicate/Silk, Heavy, Underwear, Baby Care, Daily Wash, Hygienic, Spin, Rinse+Spin"},{"Stains Care":"/"},{"Additional":"/"},{"Function":"Power, Delay, I-Time, Temperature, Spin Speed, Rinse, Water Level, Start/Pause"},{"Temp":"20-30-40-60-90"},{"Spinning Speed":"0-400-800-1000-1200"},{"Intense Function":"Yes"},{"Night Wash":"No"},{"I-time(Or DIY)":"No"},{"Delicate Care":"No"},{"Dual Spray":"No"},{"Drum Light":"No"},{"Extra Rinse":"Yes"},{"Delay":"Yes"},{"Power/Frequency":"220~240V/50HZ"},{"Outer Door Diameter (mm)":"525"},{"Inner Door Diameter (mm)":"320"},{"Drum Diameter(mm)":"495"},{"Noise Level dB(A) Washing/spinning":"56/75"},{"Dimension WxDxH (mm)":"595*460*850"},{"Price":"38990"},{"Type":"Front Load Fully Automatic"},{"Colour":"Titanium Grey"},{"USPs":"Inverter Motor,Anti Bacterial Pressure,12 Years Warranty"}]}]}

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