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    Water Heaters: Durable and Stylish

    ES15V P3

    • Safe Care-Shock Proof
      Safe Care-Shock Proof
    • Exclusive Guarantee
      Exclusive Guarantee
    • Digitally Programmmable Timer
      Digitally Programmmable Timer
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    • Rated Power (kw)
    • BEE Star Rating
    • Capacity (ltr)
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      Safe Care-Shock Proof
      Special structure designed for regions with electricity problems such as lack of earth wire, wrong wire connections, electricityleakage etc. to avoid shock accidents
      Water Proof
      All water heaters pass IPX4 water proof test for use in humid environment, ensures long lasting use, making the water heater non corrosion & splash proof.
      Smart Memory
      The water heater will restart automatically with previous settings after power resumption. Such function is designed for regions where there is frequent power blackout.
      Smart Control
      With a wireless controller, users can have all the smart settings in hand for convenient use

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"name":"Feature","Field":[{"Capacity (ltr)":"15"},{"Rated Power (kw)":"2"},{"Rated Voltage (Volt)":"230"},{"Rated Frequency (Hz)":"50"},{"Rated Temp":"75"},{"Rated Pressure (Bar)":"8"},{"Nett Weight (kg)":"12"},{"Dimensions (LxBxD in mm)":"471x340x361"},{"Insulation":"EPS"},{"SafeCare Technology":"Yes"},{"Outer Body":"ABS"},{"Warranty on Product":"4"},{"Warranty on Inner Container":"7"},{"Heating Element":"Incoloy"},{"Adjustable Thermostat":"Yes"},{"Digital LCD Display":"Yes"},{"Remote Control":"Yes"},{"Real Time Clock":"Yes"},{"BEE Star Rating":"*****"},{"Programmable On/Off Timer":"Yes"}]}]}

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