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    Solar Water Heaters: Durable and Stylish


    • Frost-free
    • Energy Class A++
    • LED Interior Lighting
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    • Rated Power (kw)
    • BEE Star Rating
    • Capacity (ltr)
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
      LED display
      LED display ( See Temp & volume available)
      Non mixing tech
      India's first Non mixing technology, makes 30% more hot water output by the same tank capacity.
      Electric backup
      Electric Heater backup
      Auto restart
      Auto restarts after power resumption
      3 recharge modes
      Three water recharge modes(Atuo water recharge; preset time water recharge; manual water recharge)
      Use additional pump
      Control additional pump for water recharge for low water pressure region.
      Smart heating
      User can control electric bills on cloudy days as they can set water level and temperature for electric heating.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Capacity":"200L"},{"Electric backup power(KW)":"1.5"},{"Digital controller":"Digital controller"},{"Water feeding method":"Digital controller"},{"Tube dimension (mm)":"Φ58*1800"},{"Tube glass thickness (mm)":"1.6"},{"Tubes No.s":"22"},{"Frame Angle":"35°"},{"Frame Color":"Blue"},{"Frame material":"Steel board plating with Zinc"},{"Inner tank material":"Stainless steel 445J1M"},{"Inner cover material":"Stainless steel 304"},{"Case material":"Steel board plating with Al&Zinc"},{"Insulation material":"Polyurethane foaming"},{"Insulation thickness(mm)":"40"},{"Inlet Pipe dimension":"3/4''"},{"Outlet Pipe dimension":"3/4''"},{"Pipe material":"SUS304"},{"Warranty on Product":"2 years"},{"Warranty on Inner Container":"5 years"}],"name":"Feature"}]}

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