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    • HSU-09_12_18_24VFD

    Smart Clean Expert Inverter

    HSU-24VFD 2.5HP

    • Smart Clean
      Smart Clean
    • Nano Silver Ion Coating
      Nano Silver Ion Coating
    • PID Inverter
      PID Inverter
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    • Capacity (W)
    • Net Width x Depth x Height (mm)
    • Capacity(BTU)
    • Refrigerant
      Smart Clean
      The best setting freezes 30% more moisture, easily stripping off dirt with a strong cold expansion force.
      Nano Silver Ion Coating
      The coating contains silver ion to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth.
      Nano Silver Ion Coating
      Hydrophilic Aluminium Foil
      Water flow speed increased by 20%, allowing dirt to be washed away thoroughly during defrosting.
      Hydrophilic Aluminium Foil
      PID Inverter Control
      Monitor room temperature to precisely maintain set temperature with margin of ±0.1°C and uses less energy.
      PID Inverter Control
      A-PAM Inverter
      Unique A-PAM voltage control automatically adjusts DC Bus Voltage to the compressor load.
      Strong Air Flow
      Extends airflow for up to 20 meters with the expanded inlet air area and improved air channel.
      Strong Air Flow
      Easy Installation Structure
      Key components are optimised to achieve a shorter installation time.
      Easy Installation
      Peace of Mind
      Enjoy hassle free operation and ease of mind for 3 years general and 10 years on compressor.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"name":"CAPACITY (W)","Field":[{"W":"7030(1200-8000)"},{"BTU":"24000"},{"Type":"Inverter"}]},{"name":"POWER INPUT (W)","Field":[{"Cooling":"2200(360-2900)"}]},{"name":"CSPF","Field":[{"CSPF":"CSPF5.48"}]},{"name":"STAR RATING","Field":[{"STAR RATING":"5"}]},{"name":"RUNNING CURRENT (A)","Field":[{"RUNNING CURRENT (A)-Cooling":"9.8"}]},{"name":"POWER SUPPLY (PH/V/HZ)","Field":[{"POWER SUPPLY (PH/V/HZ)":"1/220-240/50"}]},{"name":"AIR CIRCULATION (M3/H)","Field":[{"AIR CIRCULATION (M3/H)":"1200"}]},{"name":"MOISTURE REMOVAL (10 ̄3M3/H)","Field":[{"MOISTURE REMOVAL (10 ̄3M3/H)":"2.6"}]},{"name":"REFRIGERANT PIPE (MM )","Field":[{"Liquid Side Diameter":"6.35"},{"Gas Side Diameter":"12.70"}]},{"name":"INDOOR","Field":[{"INDOOR-Net Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"1115*336*248"},{"Package Dimension (W*D*H)mm":"1206*418*342"},{"INDOOR-Net Weight (kg)":"16.0"},{"INDOOR-Gross Weight (kg)":"19.6"},{"Noise [dB(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo/So)":"46/43/41/34"},{"Horizontal Swing":"No"},{"Vertical Swing":"Yes"},{"Vertical Auto Swing Louver":"Yes"},{"Horizontal Auto Swing Louver":"Yes"}]},{"name":"OUTDOOR","Field":[{"Net Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"890*697*353"},{"Package Dimension (W*D*H) mm":"1046*780*460"},{"Net Weight (kg)":"47"},{"Gross Weight (kg)":"52"},{"Noise [dB(A)]":"56"},{"Max Pipe Length (m)":"25"},{"Max Pipe Height (m)":"15"},{"Chargeless Piping Length (m)":"5"},{"Amount of Additional Refrigerant (g/m)":"50"},{"Power Supply":"Indoor"},{"Metering Device":"EEV"}]}]}
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