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    (48,000 Btu) Round Way Casette

    ABH140K1ERG (3 Phase)

    • New R32 Inverter
      New R32 Inverter
    • Individual Louver Controls
      Individual Louver Controls
    • Smart clean Technology
      Smart clean Technology
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      Eco Cool
      The R32 Refrigerant of the Haier Round Way Cassettes represents innovation in every way. It has the capacity to cool as well as any conventional refrigerants while offering energy efficiency during use with low global warning potential as it doesn’t impact the ozone layer, hence it’s friendlier to the environment. The DC Inverter reduces the electricity consumption for an economical, eco-friendly, and powerful energy saver.
      Comfort Cool
      The unique Round-Way Smart Air Flow intelligently covers all grounds, leaving zero blind spots for an all-around cooling experience. Together with the Individual Louver Controls and 5 Fan Speed options, it provides maximum comfort throughout your spaces with optimal control.
      Clean Cool
      Smart Clean freezes moisture in the air, easily stripping off dirt and bacteria with a strong cold expansion force. To improve indoor air quality and cleanliness further, the HEPA filter captures all the pollutants in the air with its high-efficiency PM2.5 filter to achieve anti-bacteria and bacteriostasis.
      Smart Cool
      Conveniently manage the AC anywhere you are with built-in Wi-Fi controls from your smartphone. The Intelligent Sensors exclusive to the PB-950MB panel intuitively controls your power to save energy efficiently with uninterrupted comfort and convenience.
      High Ceiling Mode
      Ideal for commercial shops with 5-metre-high ceilings, the Haier Round Way Cassettes can be installed to 4.2 metres ceiling height and are the best solution for tall ceilings!

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Indoor Unit":"ABH140K1ERG"},{"Outdoor Unit":"1U140S1PN1SA"}],"name":"MODEL NAME"},{"Field":[{"Capacity (KW)":"14.0(5.2-14.5)"},{"Capacity (Btu/h/1000)":"48(17.7-49.4)"},{"Input (W)":"5880"},{"Running Current (A)":"27.00"},{"EER (/)":"2.34"}],"name":"NOMINAL PERFORMANCE DATA"},{"Field":[{"Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)":"1/220-240/50/60"},{"Indoor Air Flow (H/M/L) (m3 /h)":"1950/1600/1440/1200"},{"Sound Pressure Level (H/M/L) dB(A)":"64"},{"Indoor Noise Level (H/M/L) dB(A)":"47/44/38/34"},{"External Dimension (L/W/H) (mm)":"840/840/288"},{"Net/gross Weight (Kg)":"32/38"},{"Controller (Standard)":"YL-HBS01"},{"Panel Model":"PB-950KB(standard panel) /PB-950MB(sensor panel)"},{"External Dimensions(W/D/H)":"950/950/50"},{"External Dimensions(W/D/H) (mm)":"1000/1000/110"},{"External Dimensions(W/D/H) (KG)":"6.5/9"}],"name":"INDOOR UNIT"},{"Field":[{"Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz)":"1/220-240/50/60"},{"Outdoor Air Flow (m3 /h)":"5500"},{"Sound Pressure Level (dB(A))":"59.00"},{"External Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm)":"950/370/965"},{"Net/shipping Weight (kg)":"76/86"},{"Compressor Type":"Rotary"},{"Refrigerant Type":"R32"},{"Gwp":"675"},{"Liquid Side (mm)":"9.52"},{"Gas Side (mm)":"15.88"},{"Max Pipe Length (m)":"50.00"},{"Max Drop Between I.U&o.u (m)":"30.00"},{"Refrigerant Load In Factory (g)":"1900"},{"Refrigerant Charge Quantity For Extra Length (g/m)":"45"},{"Operation Temperature Range (°C)":"16~30"},{"Ambient Temperature Range (°C)":"18~43"}],"name":"OUTDOOR UNIT"}]}
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