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    UV Cool Series


    • UV RAY
      UV RAY
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      UV Ray
      Haier air conditioner is equipped with UVC generator module. The module is tested and proven to be effective in inhibiting Covid-19 virus up to 99.998% efficiency.
      1)uv ray
      Easy to Clean
      Optimizes the structure of the indoor unit of air conditioner by simplifying thedisassembly of core components including PCB, motor and fan, making the maintenance and cleaning easier than ever before.
      2)easy to clean
      Self Clean
      Freezes the evaporator with moisture in the air, and removes away dirt in melting, to ensure clean air out of Haier air conditioners. Kills up to 99.9% bacteria for clean and healthy air with nano silver ion coating.
      3)self clean
      Eco Mode
      One-touch energy saving. Energy consumption under eco mode reduce 20%-60% compared with normal mode. Stay cool and do not have to worry about electricity bills
      4)eco mode
      I Feel
      With a temperature sensor inside the remote controller, I- FEEL function enables the air conditioner to operate according to the ambient temperature around the remote controller. The function optimizes the working conditions of AC to deliver airflow at the best temperature that you need.
      5)i feel
      Triple Airflow
      Makes the wind out of the air conditioner further, faster, and stronger, so that the cool air can be evenly delivered to every corner of the room.
      6)triple airflow
      Turbo Mode
      47% Faster Cooling. Reach the temperature that you set faster, even in the warm Philippine climate.
      7)turbo mode
      Inverter Plus
      The cooling performance is much faster and more powerful with energy saving of up to 63%.
      8)inverter plus
      Hyper PCB
      An intelligent function that can be used to cool a large amount of food in your fridge. Keep your newly purchased food at the right temperature right from the start.
      10)hyper pcb
      Anti Corrosion
      The evaporator & Condenser are coated with special anti-corrosion painting to improve the durability.
      11)anti corrosion
      5+1 Warranty
      Enjoy hassle free operation and ease of mind for 1 year general and 5 years on compressor.
      12)5+1 warranty

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Type":"Split Type"},{"Capacity (kJ/h) Cooling":"10200"},{"Power (W) Inputs Cooling":"740"}],"name":"For Philippines"},{"Field":[{"Running current(A) Cooling":"3.50"}],"name":"Running Current(A)"},{"Field":[{"Power Supply(Ph/V/Hz)":"1/230/60"},{"Air Circulation(m³/h)":"700"},{"Moisture Removal(10-3m³/h)":"1.2"},{"Refrigerant":"R32"}],"name":"Other Peremeters"},{"Field":[{"Net Dimension(mm)W/D/H":"826/217/295"},{"Package Dimension(mm)W/D/H":"882/278/352"},{"Net Weight(Kg)":"10.5"},{"Gross Weight(Kg)":"12.0"},{"Indoor Sound Level dB (High/Med/Low)":"39/36/33/30"}],"name":"Indoor Unit"},{"Field":[{"Net Dimension (mm) W/D/H":"700/245/544"},{"Package Dimesion (mm) W/D/H":"845/320/590"},{"Net Weight (Kg)":"21.5"},{"Gross Weight (Kg)":"23.7"},{"Outdoor Noise Level":"50"}],"name":"Outdoor Unit"}]}
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