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    • 503G1E60GO front view
    • grill.jpg
    503G1E60GO front view

    50 cm GAS RANGE


    • Largest Capacity
      Largest Capacity
    • Flame Balance Distribution
      Flame Balance Distribution
    • Blue Flame
      Blue Flame
    • Colour
    • Oven Capacity
    • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm)
    • Burners
      3 Gas & 1 Electric Burners
      Flame Safety Device
      Tempered Glass Cover
      Energy Efficient
      Extra Bottom Storage

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      90 cm GAS RANGE


      • Colour
      • Oven Capacity 130L
      • Net Width x Height x Depth (mm) 91*64*90
      • Burners 4 Gas & 2 Electric Burners

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"name":"Other features","Field":[{"3 Gas Burners & 1 Electric Burners":"1 Small (1kW), 1 Medium (1.75kW), 1 Large (3.0kW), 1 Hotplate(1.5kW))"},{"2 Oven Burners":"Upper Oven Burner(1.7kW), Lower Oven Burner(3.0kW)"},{"Flame Safety Device":"All Burners"}]},{"name":"Category","Field":[{"Type":""},{"Oven lamp":"25W"},{"Oven Net Capacity":"62L"},{"Tempered 2 Layer Glass Cover":"yes"},{"Double Fulcrum Hinge":"yes"},{"Net Weight/Gross Weight(kg)":"36/40"},{"Shining Handle":"yes"},{"Rotiserrie":"yes"},{"Double Glazed Oven Door":"yes"}]}]}

      User Guides

      File Name User Manual 说明书.pdf
      Update Date 2020-04-21
      File Size 11.12MB
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