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  1. TAKE IT, WIN IT is open to both Haier & non-Haier users of legal age residing in the Philippines.

  2. To join, participant must complete our consumer survey. Only one (1) survey response is allowed per participant.

  3. Participants will get a chance to win a Gas Range (Haier user) or Haier Personal Refrigerator(non-Haier user).

  4. Announcement of winners will be posted on Haier PH official Facebook page.
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1.   What year have you known Haier?
A. 2020
C. 2016-2018
B. 2019 D. 2012-2015
2.   What is your impression about Haier appliances regarding its PRICE?
A. Very expensive
C. Affordable
B. Expensive D. Low-priced
3.   What is your impression about Haier appliances regarding its QUALITY & TECHONOLOGY?
A. Durable & Advanced Technology
C. Standard Quality & Technology
B. Durable & Up-to-Date technology D. Low-Quality and Technology
4.   What is your impression about Haier appliances regarding its OVERALL LOOK?
A. Top-of-the-line
C. Standard
B. Superior D. Low-end
5.   Which of the following products comes to your mind when you hear about Haier?
A. Refrigerator
B. Aircon E. Washing Machine
C. Gas Range F. Others
6.   Where do you usually see Haier ads? (Check as many as applicable)
A. Digital - Facebook/IG
D. Bus Ads
B. Newspaper E. Airport Ads
C. PBA F. Shops Display/Exhibits
G. Others, please specify
7.   What are the factors that made you decide (or will make you decide) to purchase Haier appliance/s? (Check as many as applicable)
A. Price
C. Design E. Quality
B. Technology D. Trusted Brand Name
8.   What type of Refrigerator do you use?
A. Single Door
C. Two Door
B. Side By Side D. French Door (4-door)
9.   What is the most important factor you considered when you purchased your current refrigerator?
A. Storage capacity
C. Price E. Design
B. Energy-saving D. Brand
10.   Is Haier available in your area?
A. Yes, very accessible
B. Yes, but a little far C. No
11.   Name some home appliances brands you currently own.
Please specify
12.   Are you a Haier user?
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