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  • CAP722UBA(A1)正面开
  • CAP722UBA(A1)正面 
  • CAP722UBA(A1)右侧开
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    Yunding Inverter


    • BNT Technology
      BNT Technology
    • Wifi Contorl
      Wifi Contorl
    • 23db Low Noise
      23db Low Noise
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    • Power Input (W)
    • Running Current (A)
    • Refrigerant
    • Air Circulation (m3/h)
      Balanced Temperature
      Absorb 20% more wind by its double air Vents and evaporators to balance the temperature quickly and and for long time.
      Self Cleaning
      Dirt accumulates on the evaporator of the air conditioner during its operation, the dirty evaporator facilitates bacterial growth and affect the quality of air out and the health of our body, our patent Cold Expansion Technology freezes the surface with moisture in the air and removes the dirt in defrosting.
      Smart Air Quality Sensor deducts the pollution in the Air, its Supper IFD filter automatically purify the room Air.

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Capacity(Ton)":"2 Ton"},{"Type":"DC Inverter"},{"Cooling Capacity (BTU)":"24000"},{"Heating Capacity (BTU)":"24000"},{"Air Circulation (m3/h)":"1200"},{"Power input (W) Cooling":"2120(310-3700)"},{"Power Input (W) Heating":"3200(300-4118)"},{"Running Current (A) Cooling":"9.6"},{"Running Current (A) Heating":"11"},{"Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz)":"1,220~230,50"},{"Capacity wise":"2-Ton"},{"Category wise":"DC Inverter"}],"name":"General Parameter"},{"Field":[{"Color":"Golden"},{"Type_":"Floor Standing"},{"Display":"hidden LED"}],"name":"Appearance"},{"Field":[{"Refrigerant":"R410a"},{"Refrigerant Pipe":"Liq Side: 6mm, Gas side: 12mm"}],"name":"Parts"},{"Field":[{"Warranty":"1 year Parts, 5 Years compressor"}],"name":"Warranty"},{"Field":[{"Indoor Net DimensionW/D/H":"505/330/1810"},{"Indoor Packing DimensionW/D/H":"640/455/1990"},{"Outdoor Net DimensionW/D/H":"890/353/697"},{"Outdoor Packing DimensionW/D/H":"1046/460/780"},{"Indoor Gross weight(Kg)":"66"},{"Indoor Net weight(Kg)":"54"},{"Outdoor Gross Weight(Kg)":"65"},{"Outdoor Net Weight(Kg)":"60"}],"name":"Dimensions"},{"Field":[{"Indoor Noise[db(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo/So)":"42/37/33/23"},{"Outdoor Noise[db(A)]":"69"}],"name":"Noise"},{"Field":[{"UPS Enabled":"Not Enabled"},{"WiFi":"Wifi Available"}],"name":"Compatibility"}]}
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