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    Royal Shine Glass Door Series

    HRF-382RS Water Black

    • 5 Way Cooling
      5 Way Cooling
    • Thick Insulation
      Thick Insulation
    • Vegetable Crispo Tray
      Vegetable Crispo Tray
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      5 way cooling
      Fast cooling system with 5-side evaporator design to ensure faster cooling and stable performance
      -25℃ Deep Cooling
      with the five way Evaporator Design and high density foaming ,freezer compartment temperature can be easily pull down to -25℃
      LED Light
      LED lighting uses less energy than conventional lighting, is brighter and lasts longer
      Long cooling retention
      Due to high thick and high density foaming, Long cooling retention can keep the ice in freezer compartment more than 12 hours.
      Bigger size Crisper
      Spacious vegetable and fruit crisper with 2 times big space compared with competitors

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"cooling system":"Direct Cooling"},{"refrigerant":"R134a"},{"total net capacity(l)":"382"},{"net refrigerator capacity(l)":"382"},{"net freezer capacity(l)":"130"},{"unit dimension(H*W*D)MM":""},{"Door hinge":"Right"},{"Main color of product":"Crystal glass"}],"name":"General information"},{"Field":[{"climate class":"T"},{"Voltage (V)":"16-V - 250V"},{"Frequency (Hz)":"50-60"},{"temperature of refrigerator":"4℃"},{"temperature of freezer":"≤-24℃"},{"fast cooling":"Yes"},{"Storage Period in Event of Power Failure (h)":""},{"Noise level(dB)":"<42dB"}],"name":"Technical specs"},{"Field":[{"type of handle":"Hidden"},{"door lock":"Yes"},{"water dispenser":""}],"name":"Door assembly"},{"Field":[{"No.of crispers in fridge":"1"},{"color of crispers in fridge":"Transparent"},{"humidity control crispers":""}],"name":"Fruit & vegetables crisper"},{"Field":[{"No.of shelves in fridge":"4"},{"type of shelves in fridge":"Wire"},{"No.of shelves in freezer":"2"},{"regenerator(ice storage tank)":""},{"Shelves for Bottles":"Yes"}],"name":"Shelf assembly"},{"Field":[{"No. of racks in fridge door":"4"},{"No.of racks in freezer door":"2"},{"No. of egg racks":"2"}],"name":"Racks assembly"},{"Field":[{"light":"Yes"}],"name":"lighting"},{"Field":[{"type of icemaker":""},{"No. of ice cube trays":"2"}],"name":"Icemaker assembly"},{"Field":[{"Vc fresh":"No"},{"ion deodorization":"Yes"},{"vital fresh":"No"},{"intelligent function":"No"}],"name":"Innovative features"}]}

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      Update Date 2019-09-03
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