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    HW 75-14756

    HW 75-14756

    • SD Gore Inverter Motor
      SD Gore Inverter Motor
    • High Efficiency & Low Noise
      High Efficiency & Low Noise
    • Night Wash Programme
      Night Wash Programme
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    • Wash Capacity (Kg)
      Digital Display
      Easy and quick way to know about current status of washing cycle adds comfort and ease in your daily routine chores.
      10 Years Warranty
      Haier provide 10 years warranty for Motor which eliminates your worries even for a longer period for machine problems.
      High Efficiency & Low Noise
      Haier’s Washing Machine is a functional, efficient washing machine which is built for convenience. Its multiple programs make it highly adaptable as well.

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      My Tracks

      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Model Number":"HW 75-14756"},{"Width x Height x Depth (cm)":"60*85*45"},{"Net Weight / Gross Weight (kg)":""},{"Colour":""},{"Capacity (kg)":"7"},{"Drying Capacity (kg)":""},{"Display":"LED"}],"name":"Main Features"},{"Field":[{"Memory Function":"Yes"},{"Child Lock":"Yes"},{"Spin Speed":"Yes"},{"Rinse Cycle":"Yes"},{"Rinse Hold":"Yes"},{"Quick Wash":"Yes"},{"Easy Iron":"No"},{"Night Wash":"Yes"},{"Number of Programmes":"16"},{"Cotton":"Yes"},{"Synthetics":"Yes"},{"ECO":"Yes"},{"Intensive":"Yes"},{"Delicate":"Yes"},{"Silk":""},{"Wool":"Yes"},{"Cashmere":""},{"Baby Care":"Yes"},{"Pre-Wash":"Yes"},{"Hand Wash":""},{"Quick Wash":"Yes"},{"Jeans":"Yes"},{"Sport":""},{"Rinse":"Yes"},{"Spin":"Yes"}],"name":"Programmes"},{"Field":[{"Spin Speed (rpm)":"1200"},{"Energy Class":"A+++"},{"Washing Performance Class":"A"},{"Spin Efficiency Class":"A"},{"Temperature (°C)":""},{"Drum Volume (L)":""},{"Drying Speed (rpm)":""},{"Duration of Programme (60° Cotton)":""},{"Drying Time Max.":""}],"name":"Performance"},{"Field":[{"Energy Consumption (kWh/yr)":""},{"Water Consumption (kWh/yr)":""},{"Energy Rate (Washer / Dryer)":""},{"Voltage / Frequency":"220-240/50"},{"Input Power / Main Fuse (Intensity)":""}],"name":"Energy"},{"Field":[{"Direct Drive Motor":"Yes"},{"ABT Gasket":"Yes"},{"ABT Detergent Drawer":"Yes"},{"Fuzzy Logic":"Yes"},{"Sensor Drying":""},{"Removable Top":""},{"Water Tank Capacity (L)":""},{"Auto Door Lock":"Yes"},{"Motor Overheating Protection":"Yes"},{"No Heating Without Water":""},{"Auto Water Cool-Down":""},{"Adjustable Feet Front / Rear (cm)":""}],"name":"Others"}]}

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