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Haier Expands Range of ‘Easy Access’ Double Freezer Drawer Refrigerators
02-11 2017

Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand*, has expanded its popular range of double freezer drawer fridge-freezers with a new collection of Combi and French door models at the IFA 2016. Combining sleek design with the latest advancements in keeping food fresh, the new range features Haier’s easy to pull double freezer drawers which help users optimise storage, increase energy savings and facilitate convenient access.  Integrated in Haier’s 3DS60, 3DS70, 4DS70, 4DS83, 4DS100 models (in 60cm, 70cm, 83cm and 1m), this distinguishes the company as the only brand with the widest range of  double freezer drawer refridgerators. In line with Haier’s ‘Zero Distance with the Customer’ campaign, this range expansion with the intuitive  double freezer drawers demonstrates Haier’s ability to develop high quality innovations that are adapted to the changing needs of families in order to help them organise and maximise storage space conveniently.


 ‘Double Freezer Drawers’: Optimise storage, energy-efficiency and facilitate easy access


The double freezer drawer technology is based on a concept that is integral to Haier’s brand principle of innovation in order to simplify the daily lives of its users. This means that Haier’s refrigerators are equipped with two easy to pull separate freezer drawers to help users have a convenient, organised access to the things they need regularly from the food items that are kept frozen for longer periods. As a result, users are able to organise their fridge according to their lifestyle needs. For instance, mealtime foods could be stored in one drawer while snacking items could be kept in the other. 


In addition, the double drawer concept offers energy-saving benefits as opening only one door to access certain food items takes up less energy rather than opening the entire refrigerator. Every time a refrigerator is opened, cold air is released and when it is closed again, the fridge consumes a high level of energy to readjust its internal temperature. Therefore with a double drawer French door fridge model for instance, only half the fridge is opened at a time, helping to keep more cold air inside, thereby consuming less energy. Studies have shown that users can expect to see up to 60% of energy savings while using double freezer drawers compared to traditional freezers **.


Haier’s double freezer drawers are available in Haier’s 60cm, 70cm, 83cm and 1m fridge models and are adapted to large storage capacities (between 347L to 685L) to suit all household needs.


‘Fresher Technology’ – Designed with Practicality


Elegantly designed with a stainless-steel finish to reflect the modern approach to style in any kitchen interior,  the new Combi and French door models feature Haier’s all new ‘Fresher Technology’. The ‘Fresher Technology’ is based on four main technical specifications integrated in Haier’s cooling products with key trademarks of the company such as the following:


- Fresher sensors (Air Duct®) which rapidly detect temperature changes to send cool air to specific areas where cool air is required to improve fresh food storage time by 20% and increase energy savings by up to 15%.   


- Fresher zones (MyZone® and Humidity Zone) The MyZone is an independent compartment within the fridge freezer, where the temperature can be adjusted from -3° C and +5°C to store all kinds of foods (fish, meats, desserts, vegetables).The Humidity Zone is a high-humidity zone (over 80% humidity) to better preserve different types of fruits and vegetables which require a specific level of humidity and extend the shelf life of fresh foods between 3 to 7 days.


- Fresher Tray (Fresher PAD®) which comes in the form of a removable superconducting aluminium tray in the freezer compartment to help accelerate the process of freezing and thawing and help preserve the appearance, nutrients and flavour of frozen foods


- Fresher Filters (ABT®) which uses UV lighting to eliminate bacteria in the refrigerator airflow, allowing food to be kept fresher for longer


Note: The above-mentioned features apply to specific fridge models


In addition, Haier’s new Combi and French door fridge models feature the No Frost system which ensures that the freezer section remains frost free, for easy maintenance.


For ultimate peace of mind, Haier’s new range includes a 12 year compressor warranty. Customers will have one month after purchase to register their qualifying product on the Haier website** for a 12-year warranty on the compressor. The compressor is one of the most important parts of any refrigerator, situated in the core of the cooling system. With its unique 12-year warranty, Haier reassures consumers of the exhaustive and precise design work that has gone into producing their refrigerator, a product which will maintain optimal performance levels year after year.


Key Characteristics


An easy access to all your frozen foods is provided by the pull-out freezer drawers. And as they are easier to organize, they also maximize the space available.


MyZone® is a 49 litres independent compartment,  offering an adjustable temperature between -3°C and + 5°C using the display button. A suitable drawer for any needs! (Quick cool, Chiller 0°C Fresh, Defrost)      



Cleverly designed to store a maximum number of litre, this          

fridge is made for large families and those who don't like to go     

grocery shopping too often.  


  • Easy access

  • ABT®

  • No Frost

  • MyZone®

* With a 9.8% market share. Source : Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2015 data.

** Tested in real conditions with Haier’s 2D and 3D combi fridges



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