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Question: Error Code-control panel display "UNB"


Reason:The wash load is unbalanced.


1. If you are washing a single item of laundry, for example, a duvet cover, large sheet or table cloth. The laundry may have rolled itself into a large ball. Select the Drain program. When the water has been pumped out, open the door and move or untangle the laundry and distribute the laundry items around the drum to make it more symmetrical.
2 Select the SPIN program and select the lowest spin speed, usually 400 rpm. The washing machine may spin at this setting. If the washing machine did spin repeat this program and speed setting if the laundry is not dry enough.
3. Some items of laundry hold more water than others. Reduce the weight of the wet laundry items by manually wringing and placing them back in the drum symmetrically so they are better balanced during spin.
4. Alternatively add 1 or 2 extra items of laundry into the drum to help balance the heavier items and reduce the out of balance load.

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