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Feb.6, Medical Supplies Raised by GE Appliances Arrived in China

02-13 2020

On Feb. 6, 5:45 pm (Beijing Time), along with the landing of flight CK228, medical supplies donated by GE Appliances arrived in China. This is another batch of medical supplies donation from a Haier Company transported to China by air after Russia and Thailand.

After the outbreak of the novel conorvirus, Haier Smart Home launched a campaign of global donation. To support the need for medical supplies, GEA joins fellow Haier colleagues around the globe in collecting and donating needed materials to those impacted by the Coronavirus. Our GEA team members raised 28,000 coveralls and goggles weighing 4.5 tons as the first batch according to China's epidemic prevention needs.

     (4.5 tons of urgently needed medical supplies raised by GE Appliances have been assembled and well packed)

After learning the shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, GE Appliances went above and beyond for the shipment of the donated medical supplies to Wuhan.

On Feb.1, in the washing machine factory of GE Appliances in Louisville, USA, employees volunteered to help packing the medical materials (overalls and goggles) weighing about 4.5 tons.

"Happy in doing this. Awesome," an employee on the site of packing said, while driving a forklift. On Feb.2, the donation from GE Appliances was assembled and transported to the Chicago airport, waiting to fly to China.

(at the GE Appliances' washing machine factory in Louisville, USA, employees who volunteered to help packing cheered up for Wuhan!)

After learned the shortage of madical materials in China, Haier people around the world joined hands to source medical supplies at home and abroad, relying on the global layout.

By Feb. 4, Haier has donated more than 25.96 million RMB in cash and materials. It includes 13 million RMB in cash, a batch of household appliances worth more than 2.5 million RMB, the medical supplies worth more than 7 million RMB, and the epidemic control materials worth more than $ 500,000 raised by branches from the U.S., Japan, Russia, France, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria,etc.

These medical materials have been assembled and in the process of intensive delivery. they are expected to arrive in China in the next few days.

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