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Haier Has Ranked First in Global Retail Sales of Large Home Appliances for the 15th Time

01-21 2024

Haier Has Ranked First in Global Retail Sales of Large Home Appliances for the 15th Time

Euromonitor International: Haier Ranks First in Global Retail Sales of Large Home Appliances

On January 8th, the data from Euromonitor International, a world's authoritative research institution, showed that Haier ranked first in global retail sales of large home appliances in 2023, which was Haier's 15th time to be the world’s No.1! Besides, Haier refrigerators, washing machines, freezers and wine cabinets have once again maintained the world's first place. Among them, Haier refrigerators have remained the first globally for 16 consecutive years, Haier washing machines for 15 consecutive years, Haier freezers for 13 consecutive years, and Haier wine cabinets for 14 consecutive years.

The reason why Haier has become the first choice for global users is that it has always adhered to its three-level brand strategy, achieving the best user experience and promoting the upgrade of user product experience, scene experience and lifestyles; Meanwhile, it is also accelerating its internal digital transformation, aiming at the highest enterprise efficiency and high-quality development.


High-end brand creation to create a brand loved by global users

The breakthrough in the high-end market is an important reason why the home appliance brand from China can buck the trend in the global market cycle.

In Europe, the concept of environmental protection is deeply rooted, and Haier's A-level energy-saving washing machines are widely recognized; In Japan, where users have small living space, Haier has developed Freemo series of refrigerators, which can be opened and closed freely even when close to walls; In India, users have a higher demand for refrigerating than freezing, and Haier has launched refrigerators with an 83% refrigeration capacity, becoming Amazon's best-selling refrigerator model.

During this process, Haier Smart Home has led the global high-end market through high-end brand creation and global integrations and acquisitions.

In China, Casarte's share has continued increasing on a basis of being far ahead. Since 2023, Casarte’s domestic touch point coverage and global market layout have been speeding up; In the US, GE Appliances has transformed into a high-end enterprise, ranking the largest local home appliance enterprise for 2 consecutive years; In Europe, Haier Smart Home has had the fastest market growth for 8 consecutive years, with its share growth being the top continuously; In Japan, the white goods share of the dual brand, Haier and AQUA, has ranked first, and the dual brand of refrigerators and freezers are also the first in terms of annual market share.


The scene brand has accelerated the global establishment of smart homes

Haier Smart Home has accelerated the global establishment of smart homes. In the US, more and more GE Appliances users are experiencing "one click to roast turkeys" in smart kitchens; In Japan, AQUA is boosting the popularization of "Laundry" smart communities; In Asia and Africa, over 200,000 users have enjoyed the scenes such as whole house water use and smart security via the Haismart platform; In Europe, users can quickly build smart homes using the hOn platform.


The ecological brand has established the largest smart home scene ecology

Nowadays, the user pursuit of a better life is no longer just a refrigerator or a washing machine, but a healthy diet and stylish fashion, covering the aspects of clothing, food, housing, entertainment as well as daily necessities. Thus, a single enterprise alone can not meet all user needs, and ecological cooperation has become a necessary way.

In this regard, Haier Smart Home has established the largest smart home scene ecology in the industry, connecting tens of thousands of ecological resources and jointly providing users with perfect services that fully satisfy their requirements for clothing, food, housing and entertainment.

Haier Internet of Clothing and Internet of Food are great examples. In 2023, Haier Internet of Clothing customized a smart locker management solution for Shanxi Coking Coal Group. The lockers are made of metal, which avoid the problems such as the flammability of plastic lockers   and also achieve disinfection and sterilization, deodorization and ventilation; In November, 2023, Haier Internet of Food launched Alpha Fish Smart Food Experience Center in Chongqing, which achieved full process digital management, highly improving user dining experience.

Comprehensive and continuous promotion of enterprise efficiency by digital transformation

In the environment of increasing uncertainty, while realizing the best user experience through its three-level brand strategy, Haier Smart Home also actively promotes internal digital transformation to achieve the highest enterprise efficiency so as to enhance the ability to deal with cyclical changes.

In 2023, Haier Smart Home further initiated the stage of comprehensive digital transformation for all users, with the ten horizontal and ten vertical projects through the entire process, promoting its own digital capacity establishment. Via rapid response to user needs such as digital users, digital customers, digital marketing, digital employees, digital services, digital planning, digital research and development and digital purchase, Haier Smart Home has achieved high efficiency in the whole process, continuously offering space.

By means of user access to the platform, the user experience of Haier Smart Home has been optimized by 24%; via employee access to the platform, the organization efficiency has gone up by 14%. Moreover, digital planning has contributed to a 19% rise in SKU efficiency. The design costs have been reduced by 4% through digital research and development, 7% lower in the design costs in digital purchase, and 9% down in the manufacturing rates in digital supply chains.

We are living in a changing era while Haier Smart Home has firmly grasped the "unchanged" future in the changing and uncertain environment. That is — the user pursuit of a better life.

Therefore, Haier Smart Home has been constantly innovating and evolving while its original intention of placing user needs at the center has never changed. The 15 consecutive global championship titles are also the best proof that Haier Smart Home has been synchronizing with the era trends and resonating with the user needs.

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