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  • HRF-530TDBG
  • HRF-530TDBG-2
  • HRF-530TDBG-3
    • HRF-530TDBG
    • HRF-530TDBG-2
    • HRF-530TDBG-3

    T-Door Refrigerator


    • Super-freezing
    • Big width fridge room
      Big width fridge room
    • Independent dry & wet fresh space
      Independent dry & wet fresh space
    • Color
    • Net Width x Depth x Height (cm)
    • Total Net Capacity
    • Energy Class
      More space
      Big width fridge room, reach to 830mm 6 separated freezer drawers.
      More width fridge room, give you best solution for big size food
      Humidity Zone
      Plant HCS breathable membrane technology, intelligent sensing room humidity. Fresh fruits and vegetables through respiration to release water, when the water is too high, the plant moisture permeable membrane pore larger, release more than water, when the chamber humidity is low, the plant moisture permeable membrane pores smaller, prevent moisture loss, so as to keep the humidity at around 90%. Storage time is two times, 3 times longer.
      HTF-456 3
      Dry & Wet Zone
      Patented air cooling, intelligent sensing temperature and humidity changes, dry cold air temperature and pressure changes away from the water vapor, so that humidity remained about 40%. Do dry and not driest. The humidity is higher than the 40% dry cargo and water will be damp, moisture less than 40% dry cargo will continue to dehydration, lead to loss of nutrients, suitable for storing , dried mushroom, tea.
      Anti-Bacterial technology
      Both Natural stone bactericidal technology, using Tourmaline and Cordierite to release negative ions and nano-anions, has dual bactericidal effect, inhibits bacterial growth, reduces the activity of food metabolic enzymes, the bactericidal rate reaches 99.99%
      Faster cooling
      An intelligent function that can be used to cool a large amount of food in your fridge. Keep your newly purchased food at the right temperature right from the start.
      HTF-456 5

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      {"GROUP":[{"Field":[{"Type":"T-Door Refrigerator"},{"Family type":"Twin inverter"},{"Type of appliance (FS = free standing, BI = built-in)":"FS"}],"name":"Product identification"},{"Field":[{"Energy efficiency class":"A"},{"Climate class (SN=10~32°, N=16~32°, ST=18~38°, T=18~43°)":"SN-T"},{"Gross capacity (L)":"530"}],"name":"Basic features"},{"Field":[{"Cooling system: (K = Compressor / A = Absorbtion)":"K"},{"Number of compressor(s)":"1"},{"Control system (E = Electronic / M = Mechanical)":"E"},{"NO FROST (Fridge/Freezer)":"Yes"}],"name":"Key features"},{"Field":[{"External control display":"●(on-door electrical)"},{"Super Cooling (Fridge)":"Yes"},{"Super Freezing (Freezer)":"Yes"},{"Anti-Bacterial technology":"T-ABT ANTI BACTERIAL"}],"name":"Control panel"},{"Field":[{"Unit dimensions ( H / W / D)":"1804/833/666"},{"Net weight (kg)":"74"},{"Voltage / frequency":"220~240V/50Hz"}],"name":"Basics datas"},{"Field":[{"Door profile (F=flat/R=rounded/S=streamline)":"F"},{"Handle (External/Metal/Integrated)":"Integrated"}],"name":"Aesthetics"},{"Field":[{"Freezer compartment:":"6"},{"Drawer(s)":"6"},{"Colour of drawer (w=white, t=transp., g=green, gr=gray)":"White with transparent front panel"},{"Shelf number / p=plastic, g=glass ,W=wire":"3/g"},{"Door rack(s) number / p=plastic, g=glass":"6/p"}],"name":"Interior description"},{"Field":[{"Packing dimensions (H / W / D)":"1925/910/744"},{"Gross weight (kg)":"84"}],"name":"Packing dimensions & loadability"}]}
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