Question: How to connect the water inlet pipe


1.Select a proper water tap

The length of front end must be more than 10mm. In case of unsmooth end face of the water tap outlet, please file it smooth to avoid water leakage.

2. Remove the water inlet pipe joint

Press the lower end of locking lever;

Hold the water inlet pipe, press down the slider and remove the water inlet pipe joint;

3.Install the water inlet pipe joint

(1)Loosen the nut to the extent that approximate 3-4 turns of screw thread are exposed;
(2)Loosen four screws of the water inlet pipe joint to the extent that the joint can be ringed onto the water tap;
(3)If the water inlet pipe joint cannot be ringed onto the water tap, please remove the bushing and install again;
(4)Turn the screw against the wall to an approximately proper position in advance, ring the water inlet pipe joint onto the water tap, then evenly tighten the remaining three screws in place, and finally tighten the nut.

4. Connect the water inlet pipe

(1)Press down the slider and insert the water pipe into the water inlet pipe joint;

(2) Hook the water inlet pipe joint with the locking lever, then loosen the slider until a poop is heard. locking lever

5. Connect to the washer

(1)Ring the nut at the other end of water inlet pipe onto the water inlet valve joint;

(2)Tighten and confirm the nut of water inlet pipe in place.

6. Check the water inlet pipe for good connection

(1)Check for firm connection;

(2)After installation, turn on the water tap and check for water leakage;

(3)Before every use of the washer-dryer, please check for firm

connection between the water inlet pipe and the water tap;

(4)Never forcibly bend the water inlet pipe.

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