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Question: How to install an App in Android TV?


1.    Select the Google Play Store application icon on the TV Home interface and click the OK button on the remote control center to enterApp-12.    After logging in to your Google account, enter the TV Play store main interface to browse and download popular apps or click "Search" in the upper left corner for targeted search.

3.Search for applications in the search interface 

4.After finding the specified application, click OK to enter the detailed interface. 

5.    Click Install to install the application

6.    After installation, select Open or select the application to open in the All Apps interface.

Read Before Using Apps:

(*Terms & Conditions apply)

Ÿ   Due to the product characteristics featured on the Apps store, as well as limitations in available content, certain featured applications, and services may not be available on all devices or in all territories. Some Apps featured may also require additional peripheral device or membership fees. Services and content availability are subject to change without prior notice.

Ÿ   Manufacture takes no legal responsibility whatsoever for any interruption of App services caused by the service provider for any reason.

Ÿ   An unstable Internet connection may cause delays or interruptions. In addition, applications may terminate automatically depending on the network environment.

Ÿ   Applications services and updates may become unavailable.

Ÿ   Application content is subject to change by the services provider without prior notice.

Ÿ   Specific services may differ with the version of the application installed on the TV.

Ÿ   An application’s functionally may change in future version of the application.

Ÿ   Depending on the third party service provider’s policies, certain applications may not support multitasking.

Ÿ   The response to remote commands and the resulting on-screen display may be delayed while a webpage is loading.

Ÿ   The copy and paste operations are not supported.

Ÿ   The web browsing speed will differs with the network environment.

Ÿ   Depending on the types of video/audio codecs supported, it might not be possible to play certain video and audio _les while playing content.

Ÿ   Apps store have certain limitation, it consist many inbuilt apps for various needs of user but user doesn’t have facility to add other apps from any other media.

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