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    16kg Top Loading


    • Direct Motion Inverter Motor
      Direct Motion Inverter Motor
    • Pillow Drum
      Pillow Drum
    • Rear Control
      Rear Control
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    • Colour
    • Washing Capacity
    • Net Width x Depth x Height(mm)
    • Motor
      Direct Motion Inverter
      TL DM-01
      Rear Control
      soft closing
      Pillow Drum 2

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      • Type:
        Top Loading
      • Capacity(KG):


      • DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM -Net:
      • DIMENSION (W*D*H) MM -Gross:

      WEIGHT (KG)

      • WEIGHT (KG) -Net:
      • WEIGHT (KG) -Gross:


      • Motor Type:
        Direct Motion Inverter Motor


      • Direct Motion Inverter Motor:
        Haier's Direct Motion Motors have been designed and built to last. Operating without a belt, the motor is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibration, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption. It's thanks to this high quality engineering that Haier offers a lifetime guarantee on all Direct Motion Motors.
      • ABT Pulsator:
        The anti-bacterial materials are added to the plastics through the integrated injection molding which can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and the anti-bacteria rate reaches 99.99%*.
      • Rear Control:
        The whole operation interface of Washing Machine is moved back-ward based on the ergonomics,it is easy for user to take out the clothes with no need of stoop and tip toe.
      • Soft Closing Door:
        Transparent glass door with Damping alway give safety protection.
      • Bionic Filter:
        The innovative "venous valved" design that throughly collects the annoying lints, prevents the lint flow out form the filter and keeps your tub fresh and clean.
      • Pillow Drum:
        The unique pillow design is so soft that the most delicate items can be protected with mimimum abrasion.
      • Stainless Steel Tub:
        Stainless Steel Material with more Hygine Care and prevent germs.
      • Hand Wash:
        Pulsator& Drum in the same direction at the same time to realize the fucntion of hand wash with the minimum abrasion.
      • Tub Clean:
        Tub Clean program,with high speed of spinning clean the inside and outside of the tub wall,remove ordors and germs in hidden place.

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