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Being able to extend your food preservation means there’s less waste too. That’s why we came up with Haier Fresher Techs: a whole range of great innovations to ensure that your food stays fresher, longer.

Switch Zone
  only available in Haier’s Cube Series, is a unique zone that can turn part of your fridge into a freezer (-20°C) or keep it as a fridge (+5°). It is like having an extra fridge or freezer!
My Zone
  is an independent compartment that gives you one-touch control over temperature (from -3° to +5°C) Quickcool, Chiller 0°C Fresh, Sea food, Defrost or Fruits & Vegetables, just choose!
Dry & Humidity Zone
  Humidity Zone maintains over 90% of humidity while still allowing air to circulate. This means that you can perfectly preserve the vitamins and nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables. Dry Zone reduces humidity in just the one compartment below 45%, which is great for storing dairy, meat or fish products
Fresher Filters
  as ABT® (Automatic Anti-Bacterial Technology) activates a special UV light that eliminates 99.8% of the harmful bacteria in the air of your fridge. Protecting the taste of your food, and the health of your family.
Fresher Sensors
  are placed on every shelf to send cooling air only to the part of the fridge that need it. So, newly added items are brought quickly to their optimal temperature, not only to preserve the valuable nutriments in fresh food, but to extend its storage life by 20%.
Fresher PAD
  is a unique patented aluminum tray, allowing you to speed up the freezing process. Three times more efficient than similar systems, it helps to preserve the nutritional benefits of frozen food.

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