Haier UV Cool R32 Inverter

Powerful airflow, efficiency against bacteria and virus

Haier 4 Door Refrigerator

Experience more room for freshness with the latest Haier HRF-510 Series!

Haier Dryer 

Experience your daily drying needs with the latest Haier HDV70A1 dryer. 


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International Standards

As of June 2018, Haier has participated in revisions of 59 international standards. Led and also participated in 470 revisions of national/industry stands.


Patents Worldwide

Haier has more than 38,000 patents in countries and regions, including 23,000 invention patents through independent R&D or from overseas M&A.


Red Dot and iF Award

Haier’s products have won over 170 world-class industrial design awards such as the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, ranking first in the industry.