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Haier presents the latest trends and innovations from its new white goods range
07-27 2011

IFA 2010 - Hall 3.1a - Stand 103 – Haier White Goods

Be the first to take a look at the four main themes of Haier’s European brand development: Design, Innovation, Eco-Friendly and Home Solutions

Neuilly, France, 2 September, 2010 – Haier, the world's No. 1 white goods brand (source: Euromonitor), will be exhibiting alongside many other prestigious brands at IFA in Berlin, the European trade show dedicated to consumer electronics and home appliances from 3rd – 8th September.

On its white goods stand, Haier will display its entire range, as well as its latest innovations, around four main themes that clearly illustrate the brand's recent developments: Design, Innovation, Eco-Friendly and Home Solutions. These new launches will be rolled out across Haier's main European markets throughout 2011.

A powerful and experienced R&D team, geared towards the needs of European consumers Already an award-winner in Europe for its innovations, Haier continues to invest a significant percentage of its turnover (around 4%) in R&D. In Europe, Haier's R&D department relies on the marketing expertise of its local teams and the Group's industrial strength in order to create products that best meet the expectations of today's European consumers.

DESIGN With open-plan kitchens, elegance is a must!

According to Haier's vision, home appliances should no longer be known as "white goods"! The design, colour and visual effects involved with these appliances are becoming increasingly important, with the kitchen developing into the hub of one's home life. Home appliances are not only expected to carry out practical tasks but to also help towards a more pleasant way of life.

Design is at the heart of all product development with Haier. As open-plan kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in Europe and are generally adjacent with other rooms around the home, Haier has developed a range of design-led refrigerators and dishwashers, offering a palette of coordinating colours and finishes.


Thanks to the success of its American 'Glass Door' refrigerators that were introduced in January 2010, the brand is now developing the concept for its other refrigerator and dishwasher lines, giving consumers the possibility of having a coordinated set of kitchen appliances.
Haier is also breaking into new ground by offering a range of American refrigerators with subtle and unique finishes that will be sure to win over any design lover. In order to satisfy its customers' various needs, Haier offers tailor-made design for its refrigerators: "your refrigerator, your design".

INNOVATION Revolutionary product or nifty solution? Either way, Haier makes consumers' lives easier…

Innovation is a key factor in the Haier brand, allowing it to prosper swiftly over these last 26 years and to develop from a local Chinese manufacturer into a worldwide leader in its field. Haier's background and success story are therefore punctuated by references to innovation: in its management ways, its logistical chain, its products… Today, Haier Europe treads on its headquarters' footsteps by offering its European clients the very best in terms of innovative home solutions.

Well known for its original and user-friendly innovations, Haier will be offering visitors a preview of numerous technology firsts at the show.

Connected home appliances! The 3D refrigerator now has a built-in Wi-Fi connection with a touch screen offering many functions, such as being able to check the weather forecast. Thanks to RFID chips that are built into the packaging of the contents of your fridge, this product can even alert you to when food will pass its ‘best before’ date.
More flexibility handling cool temperatures: Haier's latest 3D refrigerator will be fitted with a central drawer that, thanks to a unique type of technology, enables precise temperature control. It can therefore be used either as a freezer or a refrigerator depending on the consumer's needs and desires.
Following the success of the 3D refrigerator, winner of the 2008 Red Dot Design Award, Haier is now extending its freezer drawer concept across its entire refrigerator range.
Also on display at the Haier stand will be a new washing machine with a Silent Drive motor. Thanks to the advanced technology it uses, the product boasts a long lifecycle and is quieter for a pleasant user experience. Fitted with automatic scales, the machine also offers a money-saving feature, as it is able to alter the amount of energy consumed according to the weight of the laundry to be washed.

ECO-FRIENDLY A daily dose of eco-friendliness

Protecting the environment is not a passing trend, each company has its share of responsibility in taking part. Thus aware of its role in respecting the environment and voted "Best Green Company" by Business Week in June 2009, Haier has put in place "green" processes involving every step of its functioning procedure as of 2007: from product development to the logistical chain.

Haier carries on with its developments, one of the latest being the Green Wash option on its dishwashers. This option allows users to save up to 15% water, 10% energy and up to 13% on time*. *Compared to a regular cycle.
Furthermore, the brand will reveal an A++ combi No-Frost that offers up to 40% energy savings.
Haier will be introducing an innovating washer-dryer concept at IFA. Equipped with a "Hybrid Balance Tech" system and a Concentric Drive motor, the appliance is designed to reduce system vibration, especially during the spin cycle. This renders it practically silent and ultimately prolongs the life span of the product The company will also showcase a brand new device, which enables users to recharge a battery powered by the use of a home exercise bike.

HOME SOLUTIONS A new range of products arrives in Europe !

For the first time in Europe, Haier will introduce its new range of small and medium electrical appliances (kettles, vacuum cleaners, built-in ovens, cooking hobs…) During the course of 2011, Haier will also be launching a wide range of similar items which will inevitably help to boost its offer on the European market.

René Aubertin, CEO for Haier Europe, Duan Wei, Market Director for Haier UK & Ireland ,Jeff Moody, Sales and Marketing Director for Haier UK and Ireland and the European white and brown goods product managers will all be present at IFA.




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