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Haier launches MyZone: The fridge freezer that gives you the freedom to be more flexible!
08-02 2011

“To ‘fridge’ or to freeze, that is the question!”

Surrey, UK – 13 April, 2011 – Haier, the world’s number one major appliances brand (source: Euromonitor, 2010), is pleased to announce the launch of MyZone – a fridge freezer concept that can be adapted to perfectly match your cooling needs at any time of the year or stage in your life.

Thanks to a fully independent middle drawer, Haier gives you the power to control the “MyZone” as either a separate fridge or freezer compartment. This simple storage feature allows you to easily switch from one temperature to another according to your eating, cooking and shopping habits within a range of +5°C to -18°C (the same temperature as a freezer compartment, where you can keep food frozen for up to one year).





Cooling can be seasonal:

In summer, you often have plenty of fruits & vegetables to keep fresh = FRIDGE


In winter, more frozen food = FREEZER



BBQ with friends or family?

Frozen meat purchased in advance = FREEZER


Leftovers = FRIDGE


Feeling festive?

A Christmas turkey is another perfect example: frozen when purchased, leftovers after the meal need to be kept in the fridge (which is often lacking in space during the busy festive period!)


A fridge that grows with you...

Young couple: use the “MyZone” to store food & drinks for entertaining


Young couple with newborn: use the extra space for homemade baby food ingredients (e.g. vegetables) = FRIDGE


Somewhere to store the baby food once it’s been prepared = FREEZER


With an overall energy rating of A+ (offering up to 25% energy savings over standard A rated appliances), the MyZone’s flexible compartment can also be completely switched off to save energy when not in use. Longer-life LED tower lighting also makes this product more energy efficient.

In the kitchen, electrical appliances are increasingly being considered to be pieces of furniture and their design is clearly becoming a major part of the purchase decision-making process. Boasting a stylish, mirror glass door finish, the MyZone’s contemporary style and compact design is a real bonus – at just over 60cm wide, this fridge freezer will be the perfect size and aesthetical fit for modern kitchens. The MyZone compartment’s interior is also modular to maximise storage space – use two drawers, one drawer or no drawer – it’s up to you!


Key product features:

  • A+ energy rating
  • Available in stylish mirror glass door finish: red (AFD626TGR), black (AFD626TGB), white (AFD626TGW) & Inox Silver (AFD626TF)
  • Just over 60cm wide – perfect for standard size kitchens
  • Flexible storage space – the MyZone compartment’s interior is modular (use two drawers, one

drawer or no drawer)

  • Total no-frost
  • LCD display with touch control
  • Longer-life LED tower lighting
  • Net capacity: Fridge section 158L, MyZone section 37L, Freezer section 58L
  • Combined net capacity: Fridge + MyZone = 195L / Freezer + MyZone = 95L
  • Unit dimensions (H/W/D): 180.4cm x 63cm x 64cm



Haier’s MyZone line is available to order now. For sales enquiries, please contact Haier UK on Tel: 01483 411810.

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