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Haier adds to its range of affordable cooling products with something to fit every space
03-16 2012

All Fridges Great and Small


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances brand (source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2011 data), is adding to its range of affordable refrigeration products. With narrow models for smaller spaces and chest freezers for extra storage, these products are cleverly designed to fit the different needs of every household.

Frozen pay, frozen food


Research shows that in a recession, sales of frozen food increase. To respond to the needs of British families looking for cost-effective ways to keep everyone fed and watered, Haier has expanded its range of affordable cooling products to make sure that there is something to meet every need. Freezing is a convenient and healthy way of storing food – from nutritious frozen fish, meat and vegetables, to delicious homemade meals. As well as being extremely practical, frozen food is of course popular due to its low cost. With a range of fridge freezers, at extremely accessible prices, Haier makes sure consumers get value for money on their cooling appliance as well as their weekly shop.


Affordable 60cm range:

Haier is pleased to announce the launch of the HRFZ-386AA (pictured right). This fridge freezer in the popular 60cm width will be available from spring/summer 2012. Offering excellent value for money, this product comes with an A+ energy rating (using 25% less energy than an A rated fridge), and has useful features such as automatic fridge defrost.


Affordable 55cm range:

For those with compact kitchens, Haier’s HRFW range of fridge freezers in a convenient 55cm width, fit perfectly into smaller spaces. The three different models (HRFZ-316AA / HRFZ-307AA /HRFZ-249AA) give consumers the option to have more fridge space, more freezer space, or equally distributed storage depending on their needs.


Affordable Chest Freezers:

Big families and keen cooks may prefer Haier’s range of chest freezers (BD-103GAA / BD-143GAA/ BD-203GAA).  A handy way to store large items such as family-sized pizzas, large cuts of meat or a vat of healthy homemade ratatouille.


Did you know?


All Haier’s fridge freezers have at least an A+ rating saving up to 25% energy compared to A rated appliances.


  • The HRFZ-386AA will be available in shops from June
  • All other products mentioned are available now from national retailers and good local stockists


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