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Haier Unveils The Future of Home Appliances at IFA 2012
09-06 2012



The world’s number one Major Appliances brand* for three consecutive years, Haier continues its drive to innovate and invent highly creative solutions. The brand reveals its vision of the future to the public at a space dedicated to its innovations.

Discover the first cordless blender!


Join Haier at the ‘Cordless Bar’, and enjoy smoothies and fruit juices prepared with the world’s first 100% cordless blender!   

Having already applied research into wireless technology to televisions, Haier is now extending this innovation to small appliances. Electricity is transmitted using coupling technology; allowing the blender to remotely receive energy without any wires.

To operate the blender, simply place the transmitter (which provides the electricity) underneath the kitchen worktop. Energy is transferred to the mixer through the worktop. Lab tests have shown that it is able to function at a distance of up to 1 metre away. 


A wireless kitchen is really possible! Safe and smart, this product demonstrates Haier’s capabilities to develop innovative products.  



A tactile, transparent refrigerator

The transparent interactive refrigerator is another innovation highlighted at IFA. In line with Haier’s aim of creating simple yet feature-packed solutions with a designer look, Haier has developed a prototype of a refrigerator which reveals its secrets with simple touch.  

When touched with a fingertip, the tactile screen activates and becomes transparent, allowing the user to see the contents of their fridge without having to open the door. With an identification function this new refrigerator can even keep a record of food items stored inside it including all sorts of data such as expiry dates enabling it to manage stock. 

Simply touch the opaque wall and it becomes transparent, revealing its contents. Short on time or inspiration? The ‘suggestion’ fuction of this future refrigerator even gives you a few recipe ideas based on the ingredients registered!

* Source: Euromonitor International Ltd, retail volume share in 2011.







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