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Haier Showcases Ground-Breaking Future TV at IFA 2012
09-06 2012



3D Technology without glasses, multi-touch transparent screens and eye-controlled TVs

The Haier Transparent TV

An ultra-thin frame TV is good, but an invisible screen is better. More than just a ‘see-through’ television, the Haier Transparent TV represents a true leap forward in screen technology. Haier continues to break new ground with the launch of a new tactile (detects up to six points simultaneously) 46" (116 cm) transparent television. The future applications of such technology for businesses are obvious, and the brand will demonstrate the screen with a ‘shop window’ display, encompassing the designs of the Ready-To-Wear collection by Kaska Hass.

Ultra High Definition

Haier will also showcase its first 3D LED Ultra High Definition television (4K by 2K). This 55" (139 cm) A700 Series television will be demonstrating Ultra High Definition video at Haier’s stand, where visitors will be filmed in HD.

Glasses-free 3D Technology

IFA 2012 will also mark the first time Haier exhibits the prototype 55" (139 cm) glasses-free 3D LED television. This technological advancement lets the user watch films in 3D without glasses.

The Haier 3D TV utilises ‘View-Technology’ and features 1080p resolution (1920x1080) in 2D and a 720p resolution (1280x720) in 3D. Its unique cylindrical lens technology offers 28 different viewing angles, improving the line of sight and allowing several viewers to enjoy the 3D images. This technology is easily applied to broadcast situations where information or instructions need to be displayed in 3D to the general public. The technology also removes the barrier to immersion, and allows a more comfortable 3D experience.

Multi-View TV: a 3D LED TV that displays two images simultaneously

At IFA 2012 Haier is showcasing its new 3D Multi-View technology, which allows two people to watch two different images at the same time, on the total surface area of the screen. Haier's 3D Multi-View technology separates the two images that would usually be used to obtain one 3D image, and synchronises them with two special pairs of glasses, thereby allowing two viewers to see a different image. Visitors to Hall 3.2 - Stand 134 will see the technology in action!

Completely wireless TV: an end to clutter

The brand is also exhibiting the world's first cordless 55" (139 cm) 3D LED TV. Thanks to its radiation-free magnetic resonance coupling, this 3D LED TV receives energy remotely and works without a power cable. The transfer of data is also wireless thanks to WHDI technology (Wireless Home Digital Interface), which sends an uncompressed HD 1080p image over a distance of 30m at a speed of 3 Gbps. In order to access multiple applications and different types of content, this TV will also have a wireless connection to the Internet thanks to the Wifi dongle.



Eye-Control: TVs that respond to eye movement

At CES 2012, Haier unveiled a TV that could be controlled by a user's thoughts. This year, the brand goes even further with Eye-Control technology, which allows users to change channel and altering volume by simply moving their eyes. Furthermore, thanks to this unique technology, the viewer is able to scroll through textual information or contextual menus at the speed desired while watching a programme.

3D Gesture Control

For years consumers have dreamed of a more intuitive, dynamic screen control experience. By integrating a camera into the frame of a screen, Haier has created a 3D Gesture system that allows a user to manage the content of a TV with gestures. Haier has also designed a simplified interface to let users make the most of this technology in 3D. Visitors are invited to the stand to immerse themselves in this new 3D gaming world.

A new high performance sensitive remote control

Fans of traditional control systems have not been forgotten. Thanks to Haier's unique sensitive remote control which will be supplied with future ranges of connected screens, viewers will be able to browse, point and click on any content on the screen. For the first time anywhere in the world, the integration of a nine-axis gyroscope lets users operate TVs quickly and accurately.


* Source: Euromonitor International Limited (2011)


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