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Intelius, Haier’s high-performance washing machine
04-04 2013



 An exceptional washing machine offering the market's best energy rating and boasting new innovative functionalities

Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances brand*, today launches the Intelius 500. This washing machine boasts impressive new features: the market’s best energy rating (A+++ -40%), low water consumption, a 10-year warranty on its Smart Drive® (direct drive) motor and unmatched ease of use. The Intelius 500 is the day-to-day partner for impeccable results and environmental smarts!

Performance for the environment

In the development of the Intelius 500, Haier Group’s R&D teams focused their efforts on performance optimisation. In terms of energy savings, the Intelius smashes all the records thanks to its 118kWh/year consumption. This equals the energy consumption of a television and is 40% beyond the best current energy saving standards. Haier’s washing machines have always benefited from low water consumption, but the Intelius goes even further, using only 5.6L/Kg and per cycle.

Haier’s exclusive automatic dosage system for detergent and softener (Smart Dosing System) and its automatic calculation of water hardness (Smart Detecting®) allows the machine to automatically dose according to the weight and type of load**. With a capacity of 1.3L for detergent and 0.5L for softener, these functions can save the equivalent of up to 33 laundry cycles a year when compared with manual dosage.


Excellence for consumers

The Intelius 500 combines smart and innovative features in order to make consumers' lives simpler.

Smart Detecting® automatically adapts the amount of water and detergent** needed for each load according to water hardness, offering the best possible cycle. As for Smart Dual Spray®, it switches on at the end of the cycle in order to remove built-up residue or fibres from the door and gasket.

Boasting an 8kg Wave Drum and 1,600 spins per minute, the laundry cycle is especially quiet thanks to the Smart Drive Motor - SD Motor®. Noise levels only reach 54 dB (laundry cycle) and 70 dB (spinning cycle). Washing can therefore be done at any time of the day or night.

Its design is perfectly aligned with a large LCD screen control panel (6.3 inches) and intuitive Expert User Interface. These provide access to all available programme options. Like any Haier washing machine, the Intelius comes equipped with Smart Antibacterial Treatment (ABT®). Its efficiency has been proven through scientific testing*** which highlighted that it eliminated more than 99.8% of bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa). Protect your linen thanks to this technology.

Expertise for results

The Intelius 500 is equipped with 16 programmes for optimum results.

There is a programme for every potential wash: Hand Wash, Woolmark®, Baby Care, Express 15’, Delicates, Jeans, Hygienic 95°C… and even a programme to clean the drum, ideal after dyeing fabric. Specific stain removals are available for coffee, grass, wine and fruit. The most common programmes, such as cotton, synthetic or mix, can be customised and saved thanks to the Memo function.

A true pledge of quality, Intelius 500 boasts an exceptional 10-year parts and labour warranty for the SD Motor® that runs alongside the standard 5-year warranty on the machine itself.

A product acclaimed by consumers!

A study by the Ipsos Institute**** on the Intelius concept, undertaken with the product’s target market, has highlighted the public's enthusiasm for the machine. Interest scores were very high, demonstrating that 78% of consumers found it to be "very new and different", 86% thought it "met a need" and that 82% would consider buying it.

The reasons behind this strong interest can be found in the product’s characteristics, which clearly meet the needs of consumers. Low energy consumption and long product life were cited by participants as their two main expectations when choosing a washing machine. Those questioned gave excellent scores to the Intelius for both of the criteria mentioned above, namely for its A+++ -40% energy rating and 10-year Smart Motor® warranty.



The Haier Intelius 500, 8kg model (HW80-BD1626) will be available from Currys, all good independent retailers and the Haier Online Store from May 2013 onwards.

* Source: Euromonitor International Ltd, retail volume sales in units based on 2012 data.

** Non-concentrated liquid detergents only.

***Tested by VDE Institute, Germany, relates to bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (DSM 799), Escherichia coli (DSM 1576) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (DSM 939).

 **** Source: Ipsos study for Haier conducted on 1200 people aged 30 to 55 in France, Italy, Germany and Russia, interviewed online in February 2013.


About Haier:

The Haier Group is the world’s No. 1 Major Appliances brand with a 8.6% retail volume share in 2012 (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2012 data). With its commitment to quality and innovation, Haier brings the inspired living experience to consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. With global headquarters based in the Chinese city of Qingdao and regional headquarters in both Paris and New York to serve its clients in Europe and America, Haier has 61 trading companies, 24 manufacturing plants, and 21 industrial parks with 80,000 employees worldwide. Haier both pursues excellence in innovation through its five R&D centres and ensures its products are adapted to the tastes and needs of its consumers in its various local markets. Haier specialises in technology-driven research, manufacturing and trading a large range of durable products. In Europe, these include: televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, consumer electronics and energy saving home solutions.

Haier’s global revenue in 2011 was 23.3 billion USD. Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (HKG: 1169), a subsidiary of the Haier Group, is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Qingdao Haier Co. (SHA: 600690), also a Haier subsidiary, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.



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