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Haier, the world’s first manufacturer to offer a lifetime refrigerator compressor warranty
09-15 2014



Haier, the world’s first manufacturer to offer a lifetime refrigerator compressor warranty


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand for five years running*, has raised the stakes in customer satisfaction by launching the first lifetime warranty on the compressors of its new high capacity refrigerators. The initiative sets a new industry precedent and highlights Haier’s focus on exceeding the expectations and needs of its customers.





The Customer as a source of inspiration



"Listen to the customer to better satisfy their needs" is Haier Group’s overriding strategy. This strategy is embodied in products that are rich in technical innovation, an impressive patent portfolio and continued investment in R&D (4% of annual turnover). As the first manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee on compressors, Haier demonstrates the same innovative approach with its marketing strategy. The lifetime warranty covers the compressor (motor) in Haier’s new line of refrigerators, with storage capacity of up to 792L. This comprehensive guarantee offers peace of mind and underlines Haier’s commitment to improving the lives of its customers, by providing products and value-added services that meet their everyday needs.

"The introduction of a lifetime refrigerator compressor warranty from Haier has come about after careful consideration of the specific needs of our customers. The new guarantee coincides with the launch of our latest ultra-large capacity refrigerators and that is no accident. They are wider (100.5 cm) and higher (90 cm) than most refrigerators but the standard depth of 76cm means these refrigerators fit perfectly into the modern kitchen. These products are designed to have a longer than average lifespan so the warranty makes sense," said Jean-Franck Badalian, Marketing General Manager for white goods at Haier Europe.

The compressor is one of the key parts of a refrigerator, located at the core of the unit’s cooling system. With the lifetime guarantee, Haier provides consumers with a uniquely designed and highly performing product that will last year after year.

"Haier was already the first vendor to offer a 12-year warranty on compressors across its A++ energy class cooling range. We’re leading the field once again by becoming the first major appliances brand in the world to offer a lifetime warranty. With this guarantee, we aim to reassure our customers of Haier’s superior design and manufacturing quality, by offering products that will accompany them throughout their lives," said Jean-Franck Badalian.




How does it work?


The lifetime warranty is valid for any customer who registers their qualifying product on Haier’s website within one month of purchase.

If the compressor breaks down, customers should contact Haier’s customer service centre who will provide them with a free replacement part. Haier refrigerators boast a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty of 2 years. Some distributors may also offer warranty extensions.



**Side by Side S100


190 x 100.5 x 77 cm

Capacity: 792L


** 4D S100 Refrigerator

190 x 100.5 x 76 cm

Capacity: 685L



* with 9.7% retail volume share in 2013 (source: Euromonitor International Limited 2013).

** See for more information




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About Haier:

The Haier Group is the world’s No. 1 Major Appliances brand with a 9.7% retail volume share in 2013 (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2013 data). With its commitment to quality and innovation, Haier brings the inspired living experience to consumers in over    100 countries worldwide. With global headquarters based in the Chinese city of Qingdao and regional headquarters in both Paris and New York to serve its clients in Europe and America, Haier has 66      trading companies, 143,330 sales outlets and 24 industrial parks with 70,000 employees worldwide.   Haier both pursues excellence in innovation through its five R&D centres and ensures its products are adapted to the tastes and needs of its consumers in its various local markets. Haier specialises in technology-driven research, manufacturing and trading a large range of durable products. In Europe,     these include: televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, consumer electronics and  energy saving home solutions. Haier’s global revenue in 2013 was US$29.5 billion and profit of       US$1.76 billion in 2013. Haier Electronics Group Co., Ltd. (HKG: 1169), a subsidiary of the Haier     Group, is listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Qingdao Haier Co. (SHA: 600690), also a Haier subsidiary, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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