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Think big with Haier for your home appliances
09-03 2015

Hall 3.1 – Stand 109


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand for six consecutive years*, is presenting several of its latest innovative home appliances at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin. Once again, Haier demonstrates its ability to develop unique ‘smart life’ solutions, significantly improving performance but above all user expectations and experience. The brand, which invests 4% of its annual turnover in R&D, is constantly innovating to provide products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s busy families… that have changed over the years, particularly in terms of refrigeration and home laundry appliances. That’s why, Haier develops more new oversized and premium products in these two categories (in which it is the N°1 brand in the world with 17% and 14.4% retail volume share in 2014*), to provide a constant solution to all situations. XXL in terms of size and capacity, but also in terms of features that facilitate washing and ingredients preservation and offer boundless opportunities.


New Haier washing machines: for consumers who are looking for easy laundry


The Haier Duo washing machine, set for star billing at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin, is a unique dual-drum washing machine, the first of its kind, which offers users a much-improved washing experience, catering in particular for families who regularly have unexpected extra laundry needs. The washing machine has an excellent A+++ -30% energy efficiency rating and can also be easily managed via an award-winning digital user interface, with internet connectivity allowing you to use the remote control via a mobile device. The Haier Duo washing machine has two front doors for easy access to both the upper and lower drum. Up to 12kg of laundry can be washed simultaneously (upper drum: 4kg; lower drum: 8kg), with a wide range of programmes available on each drum (upper drum: 12 programmes; lower drum: 18 programmes). Each drum is powered by its own Smart Drive Motor (SD Motor®), a circular beltless motor connected directly to the drum for optimal performance and durability. The SD Motor® comes with an exceptional 10-year warranty.


Larger families are constantly looking for wider and easier access to their washing machine. To respond to this specific need, Haier offers one of the largest drum accesses available for its new Intelius 2.0 washing machine with a 36cm door opening.The new Intelius 2.0 is a 12kg capacity washing machine with an A+++ -50% energy-efficiency rating. A stylish and wide screen can be used to activate a choice of 26 washing programmes(16 washing programs for 686 Series, 26 washing programs for 696 Series). Finally, one of the most important innovations in this washing machine, is the light circle integrated around the door that can easily enable users to check the status of their washing and drying cycle (in orange or blue).


Among the new products presented at IFA, there are also new 636 Series Washing and Washer Dryers, with their Brushless DC Motor and excellent energy efficiency rating, without forgetting the new Dishwasher GFE2 Series with its 14 space capacity.


New Haier fridge-freezers: for consumers who don’t want to limit their cooking creativity


The refrigerator is often the starting point for inspiration in the kitchen. The new Haier models highlighted during the IFA trade show (T-Door and Series 70) have been crafted with many features designed to making life easier for large families, catering for their particular storage needs and consumption habits.


Indeed, to add to its refrigerator range (as the 1M wide Side by Side S100 and 4D S100 launched last year, with their unique storage capacities of 792L and 685L), Haier engaged in long exchanges with customers (particularly via the social networks) and designed the new Cube Series a completely modular refrigerator, using a unique triple cooling system. Featuring three separate evaporators for a single compressor, the refrigerator can be used in a traditional fridge/freezer setup or, for example, with a larger refrigerator space (+25% additional space). The 100L Haier Flex Zone with adjustable temperature can be controlled from -20° to 5° C. The main benefit of this flexibility is the longer freshness of foods, enhanced not only by the adjustable zone but also by a dedicated humidity zone specially designed by Haier. Another benefit: odours cannot mix, thanks to the three separate spaces and evaporators, allowing all foods to retain its taste. Customers will also benefit from a lifetime compressor warranty, if they register their qualifying product on the Haier website within 28 days of purchase.


The new 70 Series range of combi fridge-freezers launched this summer, is made up of premium-design, multi-door models, and characterised by best-in-class performance in energy efficiency (A++) and low noise level (38dB), as well as excellent access through the refrigerator door and ergonomic pull-out drawers. The 70 Series fridge-freezers all feature a large capacity to provide the maximum amount of storage space, while the flexible MyZone compartment and a host of easy-to-use features encourage the creativity of users in their kitchen. For perfect hygiene, the refrigerator compartment is equipped with Haier’s trademark Anti-Bacterial Technology (ABT®). Specially developed by Haier, this technology uses UV lighting to eliminate bacteria in the refrigerator airflow, allowing food to be kept fresher for longer.


Haier Duo

Intelius 2.0

Cube Series

3D 70 Series


Did you know?


With the 60 Series, 90 Series, 100 Series and the new 70 Series (named after its cm width), Haier has one of the widest selections of multi-door (two, three or four-door), high-capacity refrigerators on the market. These products give consumers yet more choice.


Haier laundry products offer large capacities and innovative features, designed to suit consumer lifestyles and make laundry simpler than ever before. Product energy efficiency ratings are among the best available on the market.


Haier thinks big in terms of products…but also in terms of strategy


"Listen and understand the customers to better answer their needs" is Haier’s overriding strategy when designing  products to facilitate everyday life. The brand has decided to go even further, developing its industrial model by evolving some of its traditional factories into interconnected. The objective: to give yet more importance to consumers by connecting them directly to Haier factories, to create the most tailor-made product possible.


In the last few months, the Haier Group has built up Internet-based smart factories, where mass production of personalised products has replaced the company's traditional large-scale manufacturing. These new smart factories (four in China: a factory producing smart air conditioners in Zhengzhou, a refrigerator factory in Shenyang,  a water heater factory in Qingdao and a factory producing washing machines in Foshan), allow users to personalise and order appliances by communicating their needs directly with the manufacturer through The most impressive and unique part of this strategy is the automatic dialogue between the factory and consumer. Consumers can participate in the creation, quality control, production, logistics.


These factories are still mainly for the Chinese market, except the washing machine factories. In the near future, users worldwide will be able to order their custom-made washing machine from the factory in Foshan, becoming the most advanced networked factory in the home laundry industry. This factory is the first to stream to its users washing machine production, allowing them to observe the whole process live via an app or the internet. Furthermore, users can also catch the information of the performance parameter of the products due to the automatic data report after the products are finished. At present, users can be connected every single step of the process. A unique code is generated for every custom-made product, just like an ID card. As a result of this, the product is then organised, planned and produced on the process line. Different models, colours and functions of washing machines can therefore be produced at the same time, to meet the individual requirement of the global users.


“The tailor-made products are a huge hit with Chinese customers. We hope to do the same soon with European consumers,” says Yannick Fierling, CEO of Haier Europe.


* with a 10.2% market share (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2014 data).



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