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Intelius 2.0: a complete range of new-generation laundry products Think big for your laundry with Haier!
09-03 2015

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Intelius 2.0

Intelius 2.0 (2)


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand for six consecutive years*, is set to launch the new generation of its Intelius Series laundry products at IFA 2015, exhibiting a range of washing machines, washer-dryers and a dryer that offer complete laundry solutions and extra innovative features. The Intelius 2.0 laundry range stands out through its combination of optimal performance and excellent efficiency, with unique best-in-class energy efficiency for large-capacity products. Delivering oversized capacities and features for maximum convenience and ease of use, Haier encourages its customers to think big for their laundry.


Large capacity and innovative design offer unlimited laundry options


The new Intelius 2.0 washing machines and washer-dryers allow users to wash loads of up to 12kg thanks to their oversized capacity, with a standard size of 60cm width. Large families are often required to ‘think big’ for their laundry, regularly running cycles for several people at the same time. With capacities of up to 12kg, Haier has identified and met this consumer need. The Intelius 2.0 dryer has a capacity of 9kg.


Meanwhile, Haier is conscious of the space constraints in some homes and offers a choice of solutions for all households. Therefore, a slimline version of the Intelius 2.0 washing machines and washer-dryers is available, with a width of just 46cm for easier installation and an impressive washing capacity of 8kg.  


In the creation of the new-generation Intelius 2.0 range, Haier R&D teams developed a selection of new design features, to respond to consumer needs and make laundry less of a chore in the home. All Intelius 2.0 products feature an oversized 36cm door opening (36.5cm for dryer), one of the largest door openings available on the market, to facilitate loading and unloading of the machine. Combined with a large door opening angle, this gives easy access to the drum, allowing users to ‘think big’ for a hassle-free washing experience.


Did you know?



The Intelius 2.0 Washing Machine received an iF Design Award in 2015.




Haier has also developed a new intuitive user interface for easy programming of laundry cycles on a large 7-inch colour TFT screen, situated on the front of certain models. The interface can be used to activate a large choice of programmes (16 for washing machines; 26 for washer-dryers, 16 for dryer) and innovative functions, including stain remove options, a memo function to save preferred programme settings for one-touch activation and an end delay function to delay the end of the laundry cycle by up to 24 hours.


Furthermore, internet connectivity allows for remote activation of a laundry cycle via an app designed for smartphone or tablet, meaning washing or drying can be programmed to start and finish at the most convenient time of the day.  


Tired of having to get up to check the remaining time on a laundry cycle? Haier has developed a unique solution to remove this regular inconvenience from the laundry process. The Quick Glance System uses energy-efficient LED lighting to illuminate the door ring, acting as a visual indicator of cycle status.


As the cycle progresses, the illuminated ring becomes more complete. When the circle is complete, the cycle has ended. Users can check the cycle status at a glance from the comfort of their seat, with no need to approach the appliance.

Quick Glance System – blue lighting for washing cycles and orange lighting for drying cycles


Every minute gained is important for the modern consumer who has no time to waste. At the end of the cycle, the new Smart Opening function ensures that the opening of the appliance door is smooth and immediate.


The new Haier Pillow Drum design offers greater care for fabrics, as clothes slip along the pillows inside the drum while the machine is operating. To further improve the robust manufacturing, a ripple damping plate and four shock absorbers are used, reducing vibrations and noise perception.


Smart technologies for best-in-class performance and efficiency


The Haier Intelius Series has become known for its use of Smart technologies to offer best-in-class performance...and make life simpler. Intelius 2.0 goes one step further with these intelligent and user-friendly functions to deliver excellent water efficiency and an unbeatable energy efficiency rating of A+++ -50% for all washing machines, up to an A energy rating for washer-dryers and A+++ for the dryer.


Smart Detecting® automatically adapts the amount of water and detergent needed for each load according to water hardness, ensuring the best possible cycle.

The Smart Drive Motor - SD Motor® offers an impressively silent wash cycle. This high-performance motor has an exceptional 10 year warranty.

Smart Dual Spray® is activated at the end of the cycle to remove built-up residue or fibres from the door and gasket.



Smart Dosing™, Haier’s automatic dosage system for detergent and softener, allows the machine to dose according to the weight and type of load, combined with the automatic Smart Detecting® calculation of water hardness. With capacities of 1L for detergent and 0.56L for softener (for 12kg model), this function secures optimal performance, avoiding any detergent or softener overload.

Smart antibacterial treatment: ABT®.

Used in the detergent drawer and gasket, the treatment’s efficiency has been proven through scientific testing**, which highlighted that it eliminated more than 99.8% of bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa).


Main product specifications


Intelius 2.0 Washing machine

Intelius 2.0 Washer-dryer

Intelius 2.0 Dryer




·         Capacity: 12kg - (78L) / 8kg - (55L)

·         RPM: 1400

·         Programmes: 16

·         Stains treatment

·         Energy consumption:12Kg:A+++-50% /140 Kwh/Year - 8Kg: A+++-50%/98 Kwh/Year

·         Water consumption: 12Kg:11000L/year - 8Kg: 9500L/year

·         Noise level: 54dB/72dB

·         Smart technologies (including ABT®)

·         User interfaces: LED

·         Pillow Drum

·         Large drum access: 36cm

·         Illuminated door: Blue

·         Capacity: 12/8 Kg - (78L) / 8/5 Kg - (55L)

·         RPM: 1400

·         Programmes: 26

·         Stains treatment

·         Smart technologies (including ABT®)

·         User interface: TFT

·         Pillow Drum

·         Large drum access: 36cm

·         Illuminated door: Blue/Orange

·         Capacity: 9Kg - (112L)

·         Programmes: 16

·         Energy consumption: A+++

·         Noise level: 67dB

·         User interface: LED

·         Large drum access: 36.5cm

·         ABT®.


The Intelius 2.0 laundry range will be available in several European markets in Q1 2016,

with full pricing details to be communicated at a later date.


* with a 10.2% market share (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2014 data).


** according to tests carried out by the VDE Institute (Germany), relating to bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (DSM 799), Escherichia coli (DSM 1576) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (DSM 939)



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