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Experience the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform at IFA 2015 Convenience, safety, health and comfort at the palm of your hand
09-03 2015


Hall 3.1 – Stand 109


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand for six consecutive years*, introduces the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform, an open ecosystem network developed through consolidation of global resources. Characterised by intelligence and interactivity, the U+ Smart Life Platform consists of smart air, diet, water, security, health, and entertainment ecosystems. The objective is to connect the world and bring users solutions to ease everyday life. Haier invites you to experience a demonstration of products using the U+ Smart Life platform in smart home settings (kitchen area, living area, bathroom area), at its 1,000m² stand at IFA 2015.


Haier U+ Smart Life Platform: a pioneering system set to revolutionise the global home appliances industry


In the internet era, household makers worldwide have shifted to smart strategies at an accelerated pace. Haier is a pioneer in smart home appliances and its U+ platform will have a game-changing impact on the global industry. The U+ platform, through an open interface protocol, creates a connected world where home appliance makers can connect with each other freely and without barriers, allowing for "dialogues" across smart household brands and products by enabling a variety of home appliance products and services to be connected with the system.


Using the U+ platform, consumers have access to real-time information about their home appliances on their mobile device, via a dedicated app. Appliances can therefore be monitored and controlled remotely, making life easier.


Six important ecosystems for a Smart Life


AIR: An important component of the U+ Smart Life Platform, the smart air ecosystem provides air quality monitoring and automatic air purification. The smart air ecosystem demonstrated in the living area at IFA 2015 includes Air Box, the Tianzun air conditioner, air purifier, Tianbo air conditioner and Aircube. Once detecting an AQI drop or excessive amount of particulates, it sends an alarm message to the mobile phone of the user and automatically starts the Tianzun air conditioner to remove harmful particulates.

Haier Air Box


DIET: Healthy food is a concern of primary importance for everyone. The Haier smart home offers a user-centred smart food solution, including refrigerator food management, refrigerator sterilisation, cooking, wine storage, as well as other great products and features. One of the key innovations of the Haier smart food solution is Smart Windows technology, also featured in the new Cube Series fridge-freezers launched at IFA 2015. Smart Windows allows users to check and operate their refrigerator via a mobile device. Adjusting the temperature, checking refrigerator contents and their expiry dates is now available at your fingertips. Furthermore, the smart refrigerator recommends recipes according to the contents available in your fridge and even reminds you of what you need to buy when you are in the supermarket.

Smart Windows refrigerator


WATER: Laundry is a household chore which has traditionally bound us to the confines of the house, as we have to be present to start a cycle and monitor cycle status until the laundry is finished. Haier smart washing technology sets the mind of the user at ease with its intelligent features and remote management.


Users can remotely select their programme, start washing cycles and view cycle status via an app on their mobile device. The intelligent washing machine also sends a notification at the end of the cycle and alerts users when detergent is running low, with the option to purchase recommended detergents and softeners via the app.

Intelius 2.0

Haier Duo


Remote control of the Haier Intelius 2.0 and Haier Duo washing machines will be demonstrated at the Haier stand at IFA 2015.


SECURITY: It is common to worry about electricity, water and security when travelling for business or leisure. Haier Smartcare provides a solution to give control and peace of mind on all these concerns. This intelligent and portable household kit consists of a gateway, smart plug, magnetic door and window sensor, multifunctional sensor (infrared detection of moving objects, temperature and humidity) and water level sensor.


With only one app to control the smart kit, users can relax on their travels, safe in the knowledge that Haier SmartCare will send alarm notifications in real-time for any unexpected scenarios.

Haier SmartCare won a 2015 Red Dot product design award


FAULT ALERT: Haier’s fault monitoring system allows you to find and fix problems fast by sending alerts. via mobile phone and TV, if an issue arises with any home appliance (including refrigerator, wine cooler, oven, washing machine, air conditioner and smart care). An alert will also be automatically sent to Haier’s after-sales team who will contact the customer directly if it’s determined that a home repair is needed.


HEALTH & ENTERTAINMENT: The bathroom area of the Haier stand features several smart products to improve healthy living, based around the Magic Mirror. This touchscreen mirror can be used to control other smart bathroom products, such as a bathroom scale, skin tester, multi-functional body detector, smell sensor and water heater.


Before coming back home, use an app on your mobile device to prepare hot water or set up comfortable temperature and humidity. The messages will be displayed on the Magic Mirror, with an alarm notification if there is a bad odour.


Media content can also be viewed on the Magic Mirror, meaning users can read the news or watch a movie while taking the bath, check the temperature and receive clothes recommendations.

Magic Mirror


* with a 10.2% market share (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2014 data).



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