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IFA 2015: Haier showcases groundbreaking cooling technology innovations
09-09 2015

Hall 3.1 – Stand 109

The new technologies significantly improve performance and user experience in energy efficiency, noise/vibration reduction and environmental protection


Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances brand for six consecutive years*, will exhibit its very latest technologies at IFA in Berlin, focusing on four main themes that clearly illustrate the brand's DNA: Innovation, Design, Quality and the User. Through the presentation of these advanced technologies, Haier pushes the boundaries of innovation, always with the aim of improving the user experience. The groundbreaking products to be showcased at IFA include a solid-state cooling wine cellar, the quietest wine cellar in the world, as well as a Cube Series refrigerator equipped with an oil-free compressor for new refrigeration possibilities.


Over recent years, Haier has consistently been ranked as the world-leading brand and manufacturer in Electrical Wine Coolers and Refrigeration Appliances, with worldwide market shares increasing every year.  The brand has established a reputation for its innovative product developments, on which it relies innovation to consolidate and strengthen its leadership in these categories.


Haier number one status in cooling appliances worldwide
Source: Euromonitor International 2014 certifications 

§  N°1 brand of Major Appliances in the world (10.2% retail volume share)

§  N°1 brand of Refrigeration Appliances in the world (17% retail volume share)

§  N°1 brand of Electrical Wine Coolers/Chillers in the world (18.1% retail volume share)


Haier’s investment in these technological breakthroughs demonstrates our determination to be truly customer-focused and forward-thinking. We are constantly looking for disruptive ways to deliver new user experiences and be socially responsible towards the community and environment,” said Yannick Fierling, CEO of Haier Europe.


Compressor-less cooling: quintessential Haier innovation and research set to delight wine lovers


Haier has introduced solid-state cooling technology to its latest wine cellar to offer a much-improved user experience.


The WS40GDA on display at IFA 2015 uses a new alternative cooling system: a solid-state chip stored inside the device, coupled with H20/C02 heat pipe technology. Compared with a regular cooling compressor, this electronic chip weighs 25 times less and is 100 times smaller.


To maintain its quality, wine requires precise storage conditions, with an optimal environment needed as taste can be affected by subtle vibrations or temperature changes. Red wine and high-end, aged wines are particularly sensitive.


Zero noise, zero vibration and zero temperature fluctuation…the advanced compressor-less cooling technology from Haier creates the ideal storage conditions of an underground wine cellar, within the comfort of the home setting. Users can store and taste wine at its exquisite best every time.


to remain undisturbed in a quiet home setting

to store wine in a still environment

ZERO TEMPERATURE FLUCTUATION…for wine stored and served to perfection

Contemporary cooling products use a compressor, with a typical noise level of 38 – 42 dB. The use of a solid-state cooling chip to cool the product removes the need for a compressor, meaning the appliance creates no noise at all**. Reducing noise levels in the home is an important concern and with this new technology, users won’t be disturbed at all.

To maintain its quality, wine requires particular storage conditions as any vibrations can disorder its molecular structure. With solid-state cooling, the WS40GDA uses thin-film temp gap cooling components to cool directly, using a pipe heat exchanger. There is therefore no motion of any parts, guaranteeing a completely still wine storage environment.

Consistent temperature and humidity are indispensable factors for the ideal storage of wine. Temperature affects taste and lifespan while humidity variations can cause the wine to oxidise or change odour. Solid-state cooling, uses 0-36V DC voltage dual power control for consistent cooling with a temperature fluctuation of just ± 0.1°C and consistent humidity.


Consumers will be at peace of mind using the WS40GDA wine cellar, knowing that the solid-state cooling technology has greater energy efficiency, a much longer lifetime and is more natural than other cooling systems.


The heat pipe technology of the solid-state cooling wine cellar uses CO2/H2O cooling agent, a pure natural refrigerant. The heat exchange rate of the appliance is eight times higher than that of an ordinary heat exchanger, creating energy savings reflected by the A energy efficiency rating. Users will therefore make energy savings while also practicing an environmentally-friendly life.


Meanwhile, the solid-state cooling chip is sealed inside a highly-resistant copper frame, with a life expectancy of 30 years, far superior to compressor cooling or thermal cooling. Extra storage space is available in the wine cellar, due to the small size of the solid-state cooling chip compared to a compressor. Users can store 6 more wine bottles in the WS40GDA, with a convenient ergonomic design featuring single slide-out shelves to offer easy access and removal of wine bottles.   



Another new advantage is the TFT touchscreen on the front of the appliance, used to control temperature settings (5°C – 20°C) and activate other functions. Menu options are available in several languages, with the advanced user interface providing clear and convenient operation.

Haier aims to introduce this technology to the market in 2016, with compressor-free cooling to be extended to other refrigeration products. Home appliance noise levels will be lower than ever before. 


Oil-free compression: breakthrough in refrigeration technology for all-new preservation possibilities


Haier exclusively unveils another revolutionary cooling innovation to its customers at IFA 2015.


Used in the HTF-630TDIDOG7 Cube Series refrigerator, oil-free cooling technology enables Haier refrigerators to guarantee great energy efficiency and food freshness, reduced noise levels and superior durability.


Consumer benefits: pushing the boundaries of food freshness, preservation, noise level and energy efficiency


Oil-Free cooling technology delivers even greater energy efficiency, enabling consumers to save on their energy bills. The way it works is easy: with fewer bearings, better piston sizing and a resonant spring concept, less energy is necessary to run the compressor.


Haier’s primary aim is to respond to customer needs by applying the results of its R&D work into the design of everyday appliances. In refrigeration, food freshness and preservation are major concerns, especially for families storing large quantities of food. Oil-Free compressor technology delivers lower temperature variation, improving freshness and food preservation.


Oil-free technology guarantees that the item is incredibly quiet. This new technology is not based on frequency variation as a variable speed compressor. As frequency is almost constant, the sound quality is improved due to lower noise variation. Moreover, a new suspension design also reduces the overall vibration in the appliance.


How does it work?


The compressor, one of the most important parts of any refrigeration appliance, has been evolving for 40 years and Haier is proud to introduce this new technology, which combines the concept of variable displacement with an oil-free solution. The technology has tremendous potential with regards to superior energy efficiency levels and innovative appliance design. Haier offers a lifetime warranty on the oil-free refrigeration compressor of its high-end refrigerators, a reassurance of their long durability and high performance.


Conventional compressors have a complex mechanism with many bearings, so oil is required to reduce friction, while the oil-free compressor has a single bearing that is lubricated by the refrigerant gas itself. Oil is not required also because the surface receives a special coating.


Meanwhile, the smaller dimensions of the compressor (106 x 305.7 mm x 148 mm) create up to 20 litres of extra internal space. It can be integrated in different positions inside the appliance, ideal for the design of new modular compartments. Different mounting and transportation orientations are also possible.


Did you know?

Haier unveils the Cube Series at IFA 2015: its latest range of energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerators is equipped with convenience-enhancing features such as Door-in-Door access to favorite snacks and drinks. The range comes with a large adjustable modular compartment with variable temperature control between +5°C and -20°C, enabling families to fully control their food storage, optimising preservation and eliminating food wastage. The energy-efficient bottom-freezer models incorporate the Total No Frost feature as well as Antibacterial Technology ABT®.


* with a 10.2% market share (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; retail volume sales in units based on 2014 data)
** noise created only when fan is activated at ambient temperatures of 32°C and over



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