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Haier introduces Fresher Techs®: a Revolutionary Approach to Freshness
02-13 2017


At the IFA tradeshow, Haier, the world’s number one Major Appliances Brand*, unveils a series of cutting edge technologies which respond directly to the rising consumer demand for fresher food with extended shelf-life to meet the daily lifestyle needs of families. Haier Fresher Techs® consists of a revolutionary set of cooling technologies designed to achieve ultimate food freshness based on flavour, nutritional quality and preservation. Fresher Techs®: an array of innovative technologies exclusive to Haier


The Fresher PAD® is a removable aluminium plate located in the freezer integrated with a unique cooling system which accelerates the process of freezing threefold. This helps to better preserve the appearance, nutritional quality and flavour of frozen foods.


The Fresher Sensors® are intelligent sensor nozzles located on every shelf of the fridge compartment to instantly detect temperature changes in order to distribute cool air to specific areas. This helps to reduce unwanted temperature fluctuation caused by frequent door opening and placing food at higher temperatures inside the refrigerator. Haier’s Fresher Sensors improve fresh food storage time by 20% and improve energy savings by up to 12%.


The Fresher Zones® consist of: MyZone®, an independently controlled compartment which can function as a fridge or as a soft freezer depending on the user’s dietary and culinary habits. At the touch of a button, the temperature can be adjusted from -3° C to +5°C in order to store various kinds of foods (fish, meats, desserts, vegetables) at their ideal temperature. Switch Zone®, an adjustable-temperature compartment which either turns into a freezer (-20°C) or a fridge (+5°C), thereby increasing fridge capacity by 25%.


In addition, Dry & Humidity Zones, offer optimum storage conditions for fruits and vegetables on one side; dairy products, meat and seafood on the other side. A plant fibre membrane is used to maintain humidity above 90%, the ideal relative humidity for the majority of fruits and vegetables. This ensures the shelf life of fresh foods is extended between 3 to 7 days and nutrients, texture and taste are retained for longer. Meanwhile, a separate Dry Zone compartment which is ideal for storing meat and fish maintains a humidity rate of lower than 45%.


The Instant Cool Zone® is a brand new innovation designed to achieve rapid drinks cooling on demand. Contained within the MyZone® compartment, it can be used to cool a range of beverages in record time, making it an ideal solution for chilling wine to perfect serving temperature and for serving cold drinks at a moment’s notice.


Haier’s patented Anti-Bacterial Technology ABT®, part of the Fresher Filters®, prevents bacteria build-up in the refrigerator by using UV lighting to eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria. This ensures that food is kept fresher for longer and prevents bad odours.


The Dripless System® prevents loss of moisture in frozen foods by reducing drip rate. As a result, the taste and nutritional quality of foods are kept intact and unchanged. This technology is based on a unique patented system which intelligently closes the freezing chamber from the motor during the defrosting process.


The Fresher Techs® have been integrated in Haier’s new generation of products, the latest 3D Series 60 fridge freezers which will be unveiled at this year’s IFA.


3D Series 60: first generation integrated with Haier’s Fresher Techs®


The first of Haier’s extensive product range to integrate the latest Fresher Techs®, the 3D Series 60 is part of a new product generation which affirms the brand’s ability to develop high quality innovations that are perfectly adapted to the needs of families and their increasing demands for fresh foods and healthy lifestyles.

The sleek 3-door stainless steel fridge freezer offers revolutionary use of space with its large capacity (347L) to provide the maximum amount of storage space as well as ‘easy access’ double freezer drawers for convenient and organised access to food items.

Characterised by best-in-class performance in energy efficiency (A++) and low noise level (38dB) in a 60cm-wide design, the 3D Series 60 is a mix of versatility, practicality and design. The fridge freezer features ‘No Frost’ technology and is available in different colours.


Mr Pierig Bouret, European Category Manager, Haier Europe says: “We have drawn on Haier’s key brand principle of innovation to create the Fresher Techs® to give our customers the best in technology in terms of freshness, hygiene and preservation. Similar to the Cube fridge freezers that were launched last year, the new 3D Series 60 range represents a whole new generation which integrates revolutionary technologies in sleek and modern designs. In line with Haier’s ‘Zero Distance with the Customer’ philosophy, we believe in constantly listening to our consumers, therefore, we're expecting continued success in our extensive range of cooling products.”


Key Characteristics:

-       Myzone®

-       Silent 38 dB

-       Easy access

-       12 year warranty


-       Size: 190 x 59,5 x 67.2

-       Capacity: 347L

-       Energy: A++

-       No Frost







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