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Haier named the world’s number 1 Brand in Global Ranking of Connected Air Conditioners
02-21 2017


Haier, the world’s number one of major appliances brand*, has gained a new position as a global number 1 brand in the connected air conditioning market (including smart air conditioners), following a Euromonitor survey. Its market share in this category is 23.6% in terms of volume sales in 2016.



According to Euromonitor’s evaluation criteria, connected air conditioners are air conditioners with built-in connectivity features to communicate with other appliances and/or other devices and/or consumers, and loT appliances that can communicate with each other. Connected air conditioners include smart air conditioners, which are automated appliances requiring little human intervention and integrating built-in connectivity, advanced capabilities in sensing, analytics, integrated with supporting online services. This is the first authoritative, global research report conducted in 46 countries and on 30 brands in the connected air conditioner market.

Haier’s leadership in the fast growing connected air-conditioners market

With the emergence of the fully-integrated smart home, the sales volume of global connected air-conditioners (including smart air conditioner) reached a peak in 2016; and the compound annual growth rate of connected air-conditioners (including smart air conditioner) from 2013 to 2016 registered 62%. Wireless equipment has boosted the significant progress of home automation, prompting a number of manufacturers and retailers to ramp up their investment in the market. Convenience and control are the key factors which promote the growth of connected air-conditioners. In the future, this market will continue expanding, with Haier perfectly poised to capitalise on the potential development opportunities.



In 2016, Haier’s connected air-conditioners were exported to 32 countries and regions, such as the United States, Italy, France, Russia and India, with a growth rate four times higher than that of its competitors.

Haier’s "zero distance" strategy, which seeks to place the customer at the center of product development, has ensured that consumer needs are integrated at every step of the design process. This customer-centric strategy has translated into improved sales, particularly in China which accounts for 73% of global sales in the connected air conditioner market.


In the internet and post e-commerce era, Haier is devoted to transforming into a truly networked company to build an ecosystem of shared creative and win-win results. Through its inter-connected factories, smart-life platforms, Haier is innovating to become the leader of smart living in the IOT era.



Commenting on the news, Yannick Fierling, CEO, Haier Europe said:

We are proud that Haier has been benchmarked as the world’s top brand in the connected air conditioner market, becoming the first brand to be awarded this distinction*. We have invested heavily in the R&D centers and especially in the rapidly growing connected air conditioner market. This number one ranking underlines the tremendous work that has been done to secure our position as the leading player in this sector. We will continue to win over customers by making connected air conditioners that combine innovative design with exceptional performance and life experience.”


Connected air conditioners signed Haier

Haier’s impressive performance can be attributed to the company’s relentless enthusiasm for innovation and invention as evidenced in its wide range of connected air conditioners.

In 2016 Haier unveiled the newest connected air conditioners available on the European market with many smart features.

The Dawn model can be used to remotely control one’s home temperature from their smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi (and USB flash drive to facilitate easy installation). Equipped with intelligent sensors (Ecopilot function), Dawn model users can automatically adjust temperatures, frequency levels and power saving modes. It also incorporates a new refrigerant for air conditioners, R32, which has just one-third the global warming potential of conventional refrigerants.


The Tundra air conditioner combines innovation and essential functions and one example is its "Comfortable Sleep" mode, designed to seamlessly adjust the device to various stages of the user’s sleep cycle.


For added comfort, the "Super Quiet" mode and "PID Inverter" technology ensure that these devices work efficiently at various frequencies and save energy while operating quietly - only 20 dB for the Tundra model and 15 dB for Dawn model, the latter being the lowest noise level in the market.



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