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Question: How to disassemble and install the refrigerator door



1. If the door is broken,  you should replace it.  For example , the T doors refrigerator , disassemble the right  fridge door.



2. Use the cross screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the hinge cover.

If there is no screws, you can use the flat screw driver to move the cover then disassemble it .



3. Disconnect the line that connects the cabinet and the door.





4. Use the cross screwdriver or spanner to unscrew the screws on the top hinge.




5. Loose the top hinge, use two hands to disassemble the door


6. Disassemble the gasket from the door and Install  it on the new door


7. Follow the reverse order, install the new door.


The door should not incline.

The screw should not be loose.


8. Check  there is no seal between the gasket  and cabinet, open and close the door normally.

If there is seal ,please adjust it or use the drier to blow it


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