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Question: How to recogize the Control panel of BD-143GAA KX/203GAA ?


To prevent temperature being accidentally modified, the control is

intentionally resistant to turning. To vary the setting, please use a

 coin or screwdriver.

To switch on: Turn the control to the right adjust temperature to

the level you require, between:

Min(slight cooling) and max (Lowest temperature)

If the appliance is equipped with indicator-lights, the following

guide explains what is meant by each light up:

-  Green = CONTROL

   The appliance is under current and operating

The green control light must always be on when the appliance is

connected to the mains and switched on. It is very important to

pay attention to this, because in the event of a power failure,

the red and yellow lights stop operating and do no longer provide

a warning.

-  Red = ALARM

 Interior temperature too high

If the red indicator-light goes on, there may be several reasons for this, namely:

■First start-up of appliance

■Restart after defrosting

■Filling freezer with fresh food 

In these cases it is normal that the red indicator-light goes on. It goes off automatically when the interior temperature reaches approximately –15°C.

Switch on the SUPER FREEZE SWITCH (if equipped with). (switch off again not more than 24 hours later or when the red light has gone off).

Reopen the appliance, if possible, only after  the red light has gone off.

If the red control light nevertheless stays on after 12 to 24 hours, there may be serious problems.

Consult the Troubleshooting guide “ what is when...” chapter at the end of this operating manual.


When the super freezer switch is on and the thermostat function is disabled.

The compressor continues cooling until the SUPER FREEZE switch is turned off again.


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