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Question: Usages of the variable temperature compartment - AFD626TGB




When the temperature of the variable temperature compartment is set to between -3℃~-7 ℃, there are advantages as follows:

lReduced defrost time. Little or no thawing or use of a micro-wave to defrost before cooking reducing time and energy and the potential for food contamination during natural defrosting.
1.Reduced water loss from the food improving the taste and texture.
2.Some food can be cut or scooped out of containers when soft frozen. When cutting soft frozen food the shape is easier to maintain.
3.Some sliced meat and sausages are easier to separate if they are stuck together.



When food is kept at temperautres higher(warmer) than -10 ℃, bacteria, molds and yeasts can still grow in food- affecting their taste and smell and if left longer than the recommended storage period become unsafe to eat. For long term storage the temperature must be -18 ℃ or cooler.








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