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Question: where the items in my fridge are located?




The rack on the fridge door

The fridge doors should often be opened and closed , so the temperature on the balcony is higher than other place, drinks, condiment, butter, cheese, pickled food can be put on it. the fresh milk are not suitable on the rack


On the shelves

On the shelves , you can put the fast food, leftovers the fruits, the vegetables, canned food, beverages or cake.


The Vegetable container

The fruits, vegetables or salad can be put in the vegetable container. But the fruits should separate from the vegetables, otherwise, they will rot easily.




My zone

It is about 0℃ in My Zone, so the fish, the fresh meet or the dry fruit can be put in it.







1.The hot food should be cool then be put in the fridge
2.The fridge can contain the food for short period, the condiment should be used in 24h, heat it sufficiently. Don’t be over 72h.
3.Separate the raw from the cooked, it is good to put them in the crisper
4.The food that has been eaten or cut should be covered with plastic  wrap, In order to avoid flavor or moisture loss.


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