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Question: How to adjust temperature for wine cellar ?


1 The wine cellar is preset in the factory to automatically accommodate temperature

requirements for red or white wines.


2 The wine cellar can be set to any temperature between 5°and 20°C in either of the 15

compartments to accommodate your wine storage requirements. To set the temperature, hold

the “      ” buttons for about 3 seconds. You will notice the temperature display blink.


Press the”      ” or “      “button to increase or decrease the temperature

setting ,Once the desired temperature is attained ,press the “        ” button, Doing this,


the electronic control panel will memorize the setting, The temperature display will revert

back to display the inside temperature, It may take some time to reach the set temperature.


3 There will be a 3 degree variance +/- between the temperature you select and the temperature

indicated on the LED readout. This occurs because the wine cooler activates and deactivates

trying to maintain your desired temperature. There is often a 10℃ variance between the top and

bottom shelves of the wine cooler. Therefore, if you have set the wine cooler for 10℃ and have a

mix of red and white wines, you may want to put the white wine on the bottom shelf where the

temperature will be 7℃ ,and place the red wine on the top shelf where the temperature will be


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