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Question: The water is not cold enough.


1, Take cold water frequently or take much cold water once

The cold water you get from the refrigerator comes from the cold water tank in which it is cooled. As the tank is of limit volume, if you take large amount of water continuously, the water you take will be not cold enough. The warmer water into the tank cooled to the fridge temperature should use 2-3 hours. If the water into the tank is high, it should use long time to cool.

2, The refrigerator was just powered on and fridge storage temperature was not reached your desired temperature, or the fridge storage compartment is turned off.

Please turn on the fridge storage compartment, and wait for some time.


3, The temperature of the water is higher than fridge compartment.

When the cool water comes out from the tank, it should be through a long pipe, from the outer of the fridge  to the dispenser, the water is not cooled. Normally, the temperature of the water is 10℃.


4, The fridge is not cool.

Please refer to the trouble shooting < Refrigerator not cooling for temperature sensor models>

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